Hero Spotlight: Fiber

Hido works well also

Love sandbaggers

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But will Fiber have some free tokens from login event calendar just like Commander too?

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She just adds to the team that every single person uses. Fiber kyoshi kreiger matador…
Makes the game so boring.


Yep is what a try to tell, always same heroes , over 100 heroes but always the 10 same heroes, i remember when the only balanced problem was Mandrake ahhhh good old days…

The last half-dozen posts you’ve made have been one-note and very negative. You’re allowed to be critical, but please read the feedback guide in the forum rules, which you’re required to adhere to, and try to balance your content. If everything you say is negative, you may want to rethink your approach.


I rather deal with a fiber team then those lightening teams so I am ok with it. Everyone complaining hasn’t spent much time trying different hero’s at all and it shows…

I have lost many games with my maxed out serial vs a good team with a sentry so that goes to show most of you complain rather then use your brain.

Ruby Sentry is legit. He needs to be nerfed.


Ruby Sentry is OP! The OG OP hero!


…correct me if I’m wrong…but…I thought part of the fun was to try out different combinations of heroes…you win some - you lose some…just enjoy the game.


Well I’m not anywhere near Ruby and won’t be for a while which I hear is a whole different ball game but with my current team my main dps is a mech. I just lock on her first, after making the mistake the first day she was out in pvp, and I drop Fiber quickly with head shots. It’s not always perfect depending on the team composition but I win more than my fare share against Fiber teams.

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Love this feedback, I agree the teams aren’t hard to beat but they will take some thinking and you for sure can’t get auto wins easily.

Exactly, if you get upset when you lose to Fiber, but you autoed the whole way, that’s kinda on you. Pilot your heroes and know who to hit first, that’s the first step in improving your odds.

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Crazy stats, but still managed to win (on auto)

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103M, I have never seen such numbers on pvp before. Maybe it’s time for the devs to consolidate those larger numbers to prepare for the hundreds of millions.

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How is she broken? Btw can you translate the rest of the post to english?

Had her do around 150m in d5 extreme, but serial did around the same

Ouch, she is not broken? Ok. We have 110 heroes in game except her. Call me atleast 25 characters which may easy counter Ruby her on platinum (level of regular player). Plus this heroes must be in all categories – 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5* and 7*

Some nice Fiber artwork here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ELG5x0