Hero Spotlight: Colonel Wesson


Just tested on gauntlet and both the duration are the effect are working fine for me

65k health reduction

225k HP Matador

160k Matador with debuff

Edit: It’s just the way increased/reduced health mechanics work. They increase/reduce current HP so the %HP stays the same.

If an enemy has 50% of basic HP before being marked, they will still have 50% of modified HP after mark .

This happens with Heimlock stirilize or Fortress bronze. Try using any of them with 1%HP, you will barely see any increase.


Did you test this in PvP?


In PVP you won’t often get the chance to aim his skill on a full-health target. He doesn’t reduce 85K if the enemy isn’t at full health. If the enemy already lost 100K he won’t reduce any health at all.


Edited my message for extra clarification

Let’s make an example.

A hero has 300k base health. He starts the match with 400k because of Heimlock’s gold passive.

By the time Heimlock’s gold ends, he is at 300/400k (75%HP), so he won’t stay at 300/300k but 225/300k (75%). He gets further damaged down to 150k HP (50%) Heimlock’s uses sterilize and increases his health by 30k. Now his max health is 330k, but he will still be at 50%, so his current health is increased to 165/330k

The way these skill works make them great for healthy heroes and useless for hurt heroes


You’re right, it says maximum health, so % goes down in a battle


Tbh maximum health should deal that amount, not a %, if 80k of max health is removed it’s removed of that current health, not a % of 80k.

Just my opinion

Edit, we have healers, buffing stuff, not a %, moss overheals, not a %, so why is this % based?


Sometimes this attack deals 5k damage, and it targets the wrong enemy