Hero Spotlight: Briar!

We are getting an earth day hero! This is the best thing this game has done!

Ever since Elf said that her neck is really long, i cant unsee it.

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I didnt notice til now. Thanks… I cant stop looking at it now

Devs please don’t screw her up like yaegar… he needed to be reworked 2x smh. Please do testing & don’t rush her.

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@Jaxsons_Team Speaking of things I can’t stop looking at, if you take a look just below the neck…

Hmm, yes that necklace suits her just fine.

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Oh fricc off, I lol’d too hard

Surprise surprise, another bio hero that is a healer. If I’m correct, that makes six now.

Not good I want some powerfull player like army dress up…Looking handsome

Bump, cause we need more expertise about long necks!

Briar viral spores skill only puts charge 30% of the time. She shoots once every 1.75 seconds. It only works if you shoot the Same enemy and you won’t get to 5 charges till attacking the same person for over 45 seconds. Therefore you have to use before enemy dies and you have to start over. This skill as is only works with a marksman rifle not a sniper. Briar is not a healer if viral spores doesn’t work. Either skill needs adjusted or her weapon .

Yeah i gotta agree with that. They either need to increse the rate it triggers or increase the payoff for doing so. Haven’t seen it upgraded so idk about how much it actually heals.

Edit: now that i have, she seems pretty strong since she just has to land it twice to heal a fair amount of health. It stacking to 5 must be for when you are saving charges in pve missions. Since this triggers with bronze, (with 2 charges) the ally with lowest health recovers as much as normal nightingale heals while everyone else gets half. Kinda like a mix of night with and without her skin.

Got this info based on a Briar that is Plat2 8*. Might not be accurate.

First impression, she doesn’t really heal or does damage.

I hope the frag event will be in time before we actually start tournaments so I can give this one a decent review.

For now :-1::-1::-1:

Please go for frag event next before her tournament…

She is not worth the price. Does no healing, damage output sucks. Reload speed sucks. Plat pretty much never activates. Her silver barely roots enemies.

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Blackrose i think you believe every shot gives viral spores but it’s only 30% chance of triggering. So you only have a 90% chance of getting 1 in first 3 shots. Theoretically it would take 4 shots to guarantee 1 charge. So it takes 20 shots to get 5 charges. To simplify cause nobody can fire immediately continuously for 20 shoots let’s round to 2 seconds a shot. That’s 40 seconds attacking the same person without them dieing. For pve not many enemies will stay alive that long probably just the helios can you wait 40 seconds to heal. For pvp shooting one enemy doesn’t happen for that amount of time. Her healing saves nobody. Her skills would work with marksman rifle and not a sniper. She is not worth getting currently. She is frustrating to play as when you get skill charged and the enemy dies before you can use skill and you lose all viral spores charges and have to start over.


Her weapon should be similar to dogface get at least one charge per clip long reload. Chance to actually save allies

The 30% never increases, I believe. It’s a static 30% unless told otherwise. So it’s probably worse than you think.

It would actually make sense for her viral spores skill to activate once the enemy dies, similar to Cross’ gold. Perhaps that change could be considered.

It wouldn’t be so bad if she gains the charges of viral spores herself that way it doesn’t matter who she attacks.