Hero Spotlight: Briar!


No dragon then? :cry:


Is this another prank?

I feel like I have already seen those skill icons.


She’s real, and she’s spectacular.


When the notes will be posted ?


Skill icons might be reused with heroes, if the skill matches the icon, or is relatable.

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So, it’s like dog’s platinium skill, Ifrit’s silver skill, Operator’s gold skill and maven’s bronze skill ?


This is fake. Bramble blockade has the same image as ifrit’s showtime. Viral spores has the same image as Caine’s Scrapper.


If this is a prank, you should have this posted before other two of yours.

I will not believe anything from you today @LordNikon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not a ranger. She’s a mercenary


Not a prank! I got my 2 jokes out for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rearline or midline?


I have the feeling she’s going to be a 5* since there is no competition to get her (yet maybe)


One more healer/support hero. W O W, I didn’t see it comming.


She reminds me of someone from Heroes of The Storm. I like her. Got that Poison Ivy vibe in a sense


Great… another healer…


I hope she doesn’t blow like yaegar…


Wow, looking forward to unlocking her!
P.S. HH, first we got a skin for cross that makes him look like The Joker, and now, we’re getting a Poison Ivy expy. Hope you’re planning to add a skin/hero that are shout outs to Batman or Harley.
P.S.S. Thank you for giving me another reason to play this game. You rock!


She looks cool, but let’s pay our respects to Kurtz who has to wait for this hippie to have her moment. :joy:
Also, Shiloh is jealous, lol. Too bad character concepts can’t be used (even as rough inspiration. :confused:)
Cool character overall!


Shiloh? Who’s that?
P.S. Yeah, we should give respects to Kurtz. Guess he’s too busy with the new Avenger’s movie