Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Weapon Ideas (NO POLL)


Good day to you all!
Ah yes, college is coming back to get me, but that won’t stop me from updating now!
Now let’s get down to a NEW type of business.

Last week’s most voted choice for the “weapons” category is the Special Weapons.
Let’s make a quick recap…

  • Faction - Mercenaries
  • Element - Biochem
  • Hero Role - Offense
  • Hero Positioning - Front-Line
  • Weapon - Special Weapon

You read it right, folks, there will be no poll for this week.
Because I am in need of ideas for any kind that fall in the category of Special Weapons.
Share your ideas by leaving comments down here, leave a picture of the weapon or somewhat a kind that resembles your imagination, if you like.
Let your imagination run wild, trust me, I won’t stop you!
Please do consider sharing the idea to your friends for us to make the poll even more interesting
If we get enough ideas, the poll will return next week, if not, we’ll wait for ideas to come, or I might add my own concepts into the mix.

You can even have this into your ideas!
(This is a Switch-Axe from Monster Hunter World)
Happy Hunting!


I don’t have picture suggestions, but how bout a few ‘Special Weapon’ name suggestions:

  • FPT-900 Raptor Claw
  • RF66 Spitfire Gatling
  • iPi3 Equinox
  • XIMU-7 Phyrslinger
  • CrX Nekro v27

use your imagination to picture them based on their names, haha!


I can think of the 3rd and 5th ones as some energy blaster, and the 4th one is like an advanced Slingshot. Does that work? Haha


It might be weird but how about a mechanical crossbow with unli arrow, think about it, just like a ready ammo nerf gun, but the ammo are arrows, and all arrows are connected like an ammo of a machinegun… Heeheheh… :sweat_smile:
What do you think??? Yeah or nah?


In some dimension of the multiverse, since you thought about it, it exists and it works hahahaha.


The only acceptable answer is Lantern Shield.


You can’t have special weapons without an energy sword mentioned


This is a weapon that I can’t even begin where to look… where should I look? :sweat_smile:


A hero idea just popped into mind about a Star Wars spoof hero, commanding the sword to fly around the field.


I want it with M60.


I’m pretty sure this is the one




Hey does wrecking balls count?
Image result for titan redeemer


That’s the beauty of it. Focus on one part, and you’re done!


Classy, wanna add a laser beam on that?


This is like Dogface’s weapon as a prototype. But hey, maybe our hero can be one of Dog’s consumers.


Ninja-Cowboy-Soldier-Gunslinger-Brawler weapon. Where should I begin.


Yes it does! I honestly wanna see a wrecking ball flying around the field.


A potentially more serious suggestion is Greek Fire. Kinda like Ghouls grenade but it’s his primary weapon


I looked it up online and it looks dope for an ancient weapon, it kinda works too cuz we have a Bio-Chem hero, so we can keep up with the tradition of Pyromaniacs in the Bio-Chem team. :smile: