Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Faction Poll (Top 4)


Good day to you all!
Because of minor health problems, I wasn’t able to update our weekly poll, and for that I apologize.
Now let’s get down to business.
Last week, the poll consists of all factions. As it was stated, the Top 4 most voted factions will be included in today’s poll.
Here are our semi-finalists.

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The Top 2 most voted factions will be the poll for next week.
Happy Hunting!


Oops wanted to vote mercenaries :joy:


I did seems like they could use 3 or 5 more


I do not understand what the point of this survey is.


Let me help you with that.
This is a survey to create a hero based on the Game community’s ideas. We use polls to vote for the best one. The idea can come from me and other players, so if you have an idea to share for our community built hero, leave it down in the comments.
Right now we’re just voting for the faction our hero should be in. It only started 2 weeks ago so it’s still pretty fresh.
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