Hero Idea : COMMUNITY EDITION : Faction Poll (TOP 2)


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And here we are at the finals of our Faction Poll for our FIRST Community Hero!
Next week, we’ll determine the element our hero!
Happy Hunting!


I like how the mercenaries made it to the top two even though they aren’t a faction.


I mean…they are a faction. Just a faction of a couple dudes…


Well actually… One dude, and a remote-controlled Drone.



Lol actually in the official fan kit the Mercenaries faction logo is named “unaffiliated”. So yeah, they’re not really a faction lol.


My vote is for the hero-less faction-less faction that clearly needs a lot of help.


This time I did picked Merc no wrong vote haha, maybe some of the ideas others pitched to give them a small bonus every bounty would be nice


Well they are mercenaries…so basically who ever pays good gets to have their service XD


I’d love another Galante type-hero that is built like a fridge. He could even be a mercenary :slight_smile:
Like, normally, he’s just a vending machine. But really that’s his day job. If you put a quarter in and input the secret button combo (coke, coke, dr pepper, sprite, coke), he’ll kill someone of your choosing.
His name is Tom.


That is a quirky idea, but it might work. :wink: