Hero Hunters: Zero Day - A Hero Hunters Fanfic


Hi guys. The fanfic is now out for reading. It is in development, so read as I go and update new stuff. Please don’t judge my skills, they suck. Feel free to comment. Any negative comments, please tone it down a bit.
The concept heroes that are representing people who posted one at the last post are written with a @Username.



Am I supposed to request access? I can’t view the story. Sent you a request to view it.




OK, technical issues, so test this link


This story is bomb so far, and I really like what you did with Mirage and Shiloh. I would actually estimate that Shiloh is about 17 - 18 years old at the time of the story, since she became a mercenary spy at 24 years old, 2 years after the war started.

In some ways Kurtz is an uncle to her, which is why her muttering is nicely in character (“Typical Kurtz, never checking anything.”). I like that she witnesses his early displays of brutality.

So everyone, go show Spyro’s story some love!!


Thank you for the support. Means a lot to me. I’ll try to update it more and more often. New characters will be added along with other characters that is posted on the other post.


Aye, the community hub doesn’t get a lot of attention. :confused:


Keep up the story! I’m really liking it so far!


Thx for the support mate