Hero Hunter's Faction List

Hey everybody,

Here is a list of all the Factions and Heroes that belong to them.
This list will be updated with the addition of new heroes.


Hero Hunter’s Faction List


Great list, nicely laid out :grinning:


Updated with the new June Update!

Check out which heroes are apart of the Patriot faction as they will be very important to your success this next month !



Along with the July update, Factions have taken over Bounty events! The Patriots were the first highlighted bounty, and when their month was over, it was hinted through the Patriots vs. UAF PvP Event that the UAF were the next faction… Panzer, the then-upcoming hero, was also a part of the UAF(A) faction, which further supported the accurate implication…
HOWEVER with the new addition of Ifrit, a Morlock healer, and the upcoming UAF vs. Magistrates PvP Event, it is a little questionable on which Faction will be highlighted in the August update…
What do you guys think…?

Will it be the Magistrates or the Morlocks?

  • Magistrates
  • Morlocks

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Is there a likelihood that Ifrit will be together with the magistrates? :pensando:

Nope, Ifrit is a Morlock, 100% confirmed by the Morlock Faction symbol under his name in the video reveal.

FYI poobs, Anvil is a KLG (Black Ops?)

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