Hero Hunters: An Announcement

Whatever will be happened, I just hope this game will not turned into another pay-to-win game…

As for myself, i want to know reasons…
Reasons why some ideas from the players can not be implemented…
Or if it will be / can be implemented in the future…
Maybe a rough time schedule forecasting could help…
This way we could know / hope that things gonna be better and better…

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I like the idea of putting in a bunch of new updates to the game cuz we only got a few new stuff over the years BUT, i hope they don’t make it too easy to do things and make the game boring than it already is for higher level players. Though they also need to make it appealing for new players. One thing i wanna see an improvement on is the anniversary event. I think it should be something rare and exciting to see and not something that repeats every few months.

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Also, will they also be working on the other hothead games or will HH be their main focus?

the only games they will be acquiring is HH and KSB

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I’m not trying to start anything, but would like to know what was the driving factor in selling game over to another company? Was it revenue based? Was it because the community got too demanding? Was it because updating content became too difficult due the the older code? Just curious? Is Hothead concentrating on other projects? These questions were not meant to demean or put the devs in a place for others to pile on. Just curious what drives decisions like this. Also, same kind of question for DECA? What drew you to this game?


it was very nice to meet some hh devs, especially skathi, and thanks for the duels we had in the devastation events, I think this will be a goodbye I hope they do very well in their future projects. I suggest you say goodbye with one last DEVASTATION event, and save a very nice memory of my favorite developer.

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So this mean what DECA just keep HH online? No new content, heroes, changes, etc.? Forged Fantasy will have same destiny? Because now we merging of heroes from this both games.

No DRey, DECA will be maintaining and continuing to evolve the game, as stated in this post. In the next few weeks, you’ll be introduced to the new developers, who are interested in learning about what you like and what you want to see in the future.

DECA, please, PLEASE change the alliance war start times up each time. There’s such an unbalanced advantage to teams that can always start @ 3pmEST.

For instance: War 1: Start @ 3pmEST War 2 Start at 12pmEST War 3 Start at 7pmEST etc. People pay to play this game. Some of those also work…


Can’t wait to meet the new peeps! I wonder how much the game will change with a new company

Hunters, please welcome @bulls.eye and @epic_moth from DECA! They are the first devs from DECA that will be joining us, and they are very excited to get to know everyone! Please give them a very warm welcome :sun_with_face:


Welcome @bulls.eye and @epic_moth !

will DECA make their own alliance like HH??? and will HH devs still chat once in a while?

And i’m surprised nobody has asked, or at least i didn’t see anyone ask, can we have a fairer power match in coop pvp?

done some research on DECA they look like they know there stuff with mobile games especially revolving around ftp models However i cant say much for there knowledge in aspects like community management or feedback because i haven’t played any of there games heres to hoping they do a good job as an oldy to this community its been good having you hot head devs those who are still here and those who have long since left i salute you!


Co-Op PVP - the feature implemented then totally abandoned in regards to making it work properly. 60K team paired with a 20K team vs two 80K teams. All in the name of quickly matching players vs accurately matching players. Yep, I want to keep playing this game mode, lol.

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I’d really like to see plat fuel cells in stores. With the introduction of ruby and a limited way to acquire these it’s really hard to stay interested in the game. I’ve never bought silver cells in store. New players buy frags with alliance gems. I doubt anyone buys silver cells. I understand the revenue thing so maybe 1 plat cell for 500 alliance gems. And heroium store never has gear that I need maybe once a week I’d like to see items I need. Right now I see stuff I need like once every 2 months. My interest in game is fading with a lack of what I need. I spend money but only when the game is fun. When they created the first astral hero I stopped as it’s no longer fun. It will only be fun if I spend a couple hundred dollars a month and no game interest me that much.


Store changes haven’t occurred in a long long while and now they’re mostly useless. I have 1.2 million pvp gems and nothing to use them on there needs to be a reason for me to continue pvp. The tourney rewards frags I don’t need. New pvp brackets would be fair request at some point power is high enough you don’t need frag rewards but need items like the plat cells and mk6 plat cores. A 2nd pvp store or even items in pvp store so we can spend the pvp gems. Gauntlet has become the same way at 250k Gauntlet tokens and climbing. It has gold cells not hard to add plat cells.