Hero crossover concept : Lennox

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Bro can you just copy paste it all IN THE FORUMS no one has access to your documents so these are blank topics. There is no reason to be lazy in posting if you actually care about posting it

Listen, when i copy it it for some reason doesn’t show the pictures

Alright looks great now :wink:

I have the same problem, I use google docs too. u have to manually put the pictures in, copy and paste won’t do it. Everything else should be fine tho. Glad u figured it out

Muninn took it down saying i have to list my art, first off, its not art, its a screenshit from my own xbox edited by me, secondly i have listed from what game and the makers and publishers

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As I’ve explained: put it close to the image, and say what game/series it’s from if possible, then the developer.

Fighting mod decisions in public isn’t the way to go. You’re banned from posting Hero Concepts for a month. That goes for crossovers, or whatever other loophole you can come up with.