Here we go again with coop frags


At this point, I think you’re doing this on purpose.

Basically, we passed from geting up to 7 new hero frags per match (up to 14 per day) to the possibility for getting just 6 per day (3-4 per match).

Are you serious? What will be next? 2 hero frags per day at 95 level?


Have you tried being happy with what you have?


Sounds like mediocrity but if you are fine whit that, that’s ok.

Unless you pay 30 bucks for 3 stars heroes who will be nerfed till uselessness next moth, which would be such a stupid thing.

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in the not too distant future we will sell the following heroes in 8 stars at 70 dollars


Please don’t make things up and present them as truth. This contributes nothing to the conversation.

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