Has anyone beat 2-3 extreme without Kurtz?

Stuck on this mission :/, I am level 94 currently if it matters. But any team suggestions from people that have beat this mission would be greatly appreciated.

I too am stuck on 2-3 Extreme for the last month or so. I’m getting closer with the Kurtz/Halo/Oracle/Flatline/Hivemind(or matador) team. Oracle seems to be worthwhile for extreme so I just recently got her to 10* and am working on finishing 4bar Plat.

There is also this vid showing it’s possible with Shivs/Phalanx/Brogan/Francois/Oracle. Shivs will be my next focus to 4-5Bar Plat if I keep failing with Kurtz

I watched that video, because of his videos I am leveling up oracle and brogan to 4/5 bar platinum. All of mine have ten stars so I just need the bars at this point.

That Fran-Brogan boost is potent, Otersey knows his stuff.

I am also stuck on 2.3 ext and trying different hero’s but not clear

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Forgot to update this, I beat this and I am on 3-5 now. Moved to level 95 but only have one ruby hero at the moment.