Halloween Scavenger Hunt Google Doc 2021

Okay I did that so people could see what was in the doc and I left a link so the people who did not know what the doc was for would know what it was for

The post itself has the document link, explains what it is, and what’s it for. Reposting everything the document contains is more confusing for others. :+1:t2:

Oh I didn’t see that I had to manually search for it In Google doc

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For 75, you don’t look to the right, it’s more like straight ahead.

Wow! 75/100 already. Only 25 left to go! Great work y’all! :jack_o_lantern:


Here’s another image for 74 if anyone’s confused. Wave 3, midline, move furthest right, look in the following area:


For 35, wave 3 makes it easier to shoot the pumpkin.

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76/100 pumpkins. Finding the remaining ones will be a challenge. Search high and low and behind debris. Feel like a lot of these are sneaky tiny ones

Team work

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88 can be also be found in wave 2, since you don’t move between waves 2 and 3.

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Bit weird how 69 is the only rare pumpkin that hasn’t been found

For the meme

Lol funny I was joking about it in vip at the start of event

89 appears to already cracked but still not found

How come?

And guide says its rear but I can aim to it only by midline

89 can be destroyed from a Rearline, as well as a midline. As to why it’s already broken and you haven’t collect, I am not sure. I don’t know that anyone else is experiencing that problem.