Guide for Marianas

Well we have serial which has 30k

Wowie. :open_mouth: 30K?

That’s at ruby. That’s not that high

maybe she will have a skin to use and buff some stats. my chester isnt at max yet, but has it around or passed that number. when i get her, i’ll play with some combos to make the best of it

Works best with surge, bucket and halo. If an enemy is lifted they eat a lot of damage!

Ah i see. :slightly_smiling_face:

no it was 35k, highest so far


Thats exactly what my guide said, and also, i meant serial


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So where is the 35k power reference for Serial coming from? Is this guide accurate?

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This guide is not about serial

Anyone who can destroy cover fast is vital to using Marianas properly


Try throwing bucket into the mix.

We know, this setup has been made by fade

Huh? who tf is fade? Was just sharing some teams that work well with her. No need to be rude about it :man_shrugging: this thread is a ‘Guide for Marianas’ isn’t it. Multiple teams have been made by multiple people, nobody ‘made’ a team lol


Fade is probably another player that’s been “playing since Beta”. :face_vomiting: they get to copywrite stuff.

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Very nice to talk about him behind his backs, no he is not a beta player he just spends 9/10 th of the time creating new setups

Keep it on topic, guys. If this becomes a measuring contest, I’ll hand out yellow cards.


Copy that boss man :zipper_mouth_face: