Goodbye hothead and your stupid game!


I really love flame threads, this forum needs more of those, it’s been too quiet. Lets not ban him in this thread and keep the popcorn flowing.


there is a time and place to ask for this to be fixed, and this place isnt it. its a support thing. you got banned for a reason. nobody is forcing you to play the game. etc etc.


I love the OP’s passion misguided though it may be. I can’t agree with anything he said tho.

I suggest we tie him to a tree, kick his shins and tickle him with a rubber duck for an hour. He’ll learn never to post something like that again.


but you can’t do that… are you being sarcastic?

Plus I don’t have a sensitive skin, so why tickle me with a silly rubber duck




Oh man, this thread is just what I needed to brighten up my morning :joy:


No. He’s being very honest and true in his threats. I’d suggest reporting him for bullying you and threatening to tie you to a tree and tickling you with a rubber duck. This sort of behavior is unjust I say!

Rumor has it that in order to truly get your voice heard by the developers, you should type in all caps. I’D SUGGEST TYPING LIKE THIS FROM NOW ON TIL THEY RESPOND!


If you cannot be tickled by a rubber duck while being tied to a tree there is no point for you to carry on existing, let alone playing Hero Hunters. You are completely lost and unsaveable.

Goodbye friend it was nice knowing you on this thread of yours.

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