Goodbye hothead and your stupid game!


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Here here! I agree! This is the best way to have a ban removed from you. If I were you, I would continue trolling all threads complaining about how crappy HHG is. While I was at it, I’d open up HH and piss on my phone whilst I was playing PVP on auto. And then, guess what?! I’d take my phone and throw it in the toilet and video myself flushing it while HH was playing in the background.

Believe me, all of the above will get you unbanned from chat. It’s science!


Can we ban this guy another time? Unfortunately that’s how the mafia works


And “reduced players”? Don’t you mean “I hope you guys lose players”?


your sense of humor is 10/10


Why do you wanna chat so bad?


Your name seems familiar, the one who says “oof” lotta times in global


I can’t chat with my alliance members and my friends


yep this is called a “fourm” fourm is the synonym of “conference” So why call this a “fourm” when you guys don’t like to discuss problems?


Because you do not want to discuss, all you want to do is to insult.


I won’t insult people in the first place…


Bold words, coming from you.


Ya know what? Because of you I’m starting to really hate HHG and HH


well a bold word should be asterisks…


You insulted the game and the developers. No start of a discussion, just bragging.

And in addition, as Munin said:

Discussing bans is against the rules. Please read guidelines.
Your warning regarding bans? Don’t be terrible to other people.


look, at my first request, i asked nicely on devs on how to resolve my issus, but what? They ignored me, of course, i can release my inner anger, so?


Congrats, you outplayed yourself…



Please keep going. You’ll be the face of the revolution! A true revolutionary. When the game shuts down due to an unanswered forum post about a bug, people will look back in the history to find that the hero behind this worthwhile revolution was you! You’ll be compared to such greats as Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, and the creators of the Beanie Baby!

Please soldier on and carry the flag for such a WORTHY cause!


Why not both? I’ve seen lots of issued fixed since the summer.


Dude. Stop making sense! There is no room in here for people who use facts. #fakenews