Goblin Funhouse is looks for some new freaks


Come one come all see the freaks of the Funhouse. We are an active, helpful, and fun group. Many long time members. Must be level 75 or higher with a power no lower than 300k. We have a 300 million bounty minimum for non-officers, 600 for officers. First non-officer to hit a bil is promoted. We do take breaks from bounties. Everyone needs time with their family. Ask first before taking a co-op if you don’t have any trades. 10k weekly minimum for patrols. 3 days inactive without notice will get you kicked. For communications reasons we ask that you understand and am able to write in English. So what are you waiting for? The carnival is in town. :clown_face::japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre:


We are still looking. Pm me The Green Goblin