Ghastly's Extreme Guide from 1-1 to 5-7

This is the most up to date Extreme guide you will find. UPDATED LAST: 11/12/2020

I have spent the time to set up a #extreme-guides channel on the community discord but will upload everything here as well. The channel on discord will likely be updated more frequently than this, hopefully people can comment the teams they used for the missions I have not yet completed. I will post a link here to see the discord channel:

Make sure you scroll all the way to the top to see from message 1.

Before any of you even start thinking about extreme I am going to link my post from a while back that explains what ruby is and explains the requirements. It is quite a long read but is packed with information, I will go over some of it here as well to briefly refresh those who are unacquainted.


What do I need to ruby my heroes?

Before you even begin to think about rubies you want to check something, how many platinum MK6 cores do you have? If the answer is less than 1 then you need to go and work on that first before even thinking about extreme. If the answer is over 1 then you can start to think about who you will ruby first. MK6 require a whole built MK5 core as well as 206 MK6 core fragments so are pricey and take a while to build.

PS. I hope everyone took advantage of the Halloween store and bought 5x MK5 and 5x MK6 cores, if you didn’t you are making the end game significantly harder for yourself

What level do I need to be and how do I get there faster?

You need to be level 95 in order to equip a MK6 platinum core on a Platinum +5 hero. 95 may seem a while away if you are only level 90 or 91 so what is the fastest way to reach there? You want to grind extreme levels, if you have a few Platinum +4 or +5 10* heroes then you should be able to reach District 3 Mission 2 (3-2) fairly fast!

District 1 gives 40xp per 20 energy, a 2:1 ratio
District 2 gives 50xp per 20 energy, a 2.5:1 ratio
District 3 gives 60xp per 20 energy, a 3:1 ratio.
District 4 gives 70xp per 20 energy, a 3.5:1 ratio
District 5 gives 80xp per 20 energy, a 4:1 ratio
District 6 gives 90xp per 20 energy, a 4.5:1 ratio

As you can see reaching the further districts give more XP so naturally you want to go straight to District 6! But this is a lot easier said than done, without any ruby heroes (under level 95) you can reach mission 3-5. You may think this is unnecessary and you will just grind out missions in District 1 (D1) or 2 (D2) but you would also be mistaken, both district have a daily win limit of 3, even on missions without hero fragments. This limit is not lifted until D3 where missions without fragments have no limit. So your goal should be to reach 3-2 to grind to level 95 and then reach 4-2 once you have some ruby heroes.

What if I need more help and am stuck on a mission?

If you need more help and these teams are no good to you then I have videos posted throughout from 1-1 to 3-10 by KOLGAN who uses some different teams, these may be more helpful to you. If they still are no help then you can visit our community discord and ask in #help-and-questions. Alternatively depending on how long this forum post lasts, someone here on the forums may be able to help you out.

Vital heroes are why you need to use them.

Serial: Serial is vital as his shield can absorb all damage and it impenetrable to every enemy (except jackal, more on that later). This Shield also taunts all enemies so he can take all the damage and take the focus away from your other team members who may have less health and armour. At ruby level he does an unprecedented amount of damage as well.

Kurtz: Despite being the bane of everyone’s existence in PVP he is also vital for extreme missions as he can execute and provide a massive health and damage boost to all your team members par 1. This will only boost 4/5 members though as it will require you to execute your own team member to get the boost, this is where the next vital hero comes into play. Kurtz’s platinum will also do damage to all enemies on the field as you have executed your own team member it counts as a death, this means he can not only provide a health and damage boost, but also weakens the enemies on the field

Flatline: She is the perfect pair with Kurtz, she revives the fallen teammate from execute and she can also stun people with her taser, perfect for boss enemies who are doing too much damage. This is her only use, she is useless for healing really as Kurtz does that.

Mandrake: Mandrake is fairly self-explanatory he helps hide your teammates when they are about to die, this means you can have an extra brief moment to get that Serial shield up or use Kurtz’s Execute. He is also pretty tanky and can take some good hits.

Hivemeind: Hivemind is similar to Serial and Kurtz in that he is a vital key to beating extreme. His drones will provide additional targets to shoot at and he can now spawn 2 drones which taunt as well. When these drones die it also counts as a team mate dying which triggers Kurtz platinum, at later levels his drones will die often causing constant damage to your enemies.

Halo/ KIyoshi/ Krieger: Most of the teams here use Halo but Kiyoshi can be swapped in for more lightning damage, Krieger may also work for some of them but Halo/Kiyoshi’s heal is also very useful sometimes. These are not used in all the teams but for some it is vital to get additional damage, Kurt’z platinum skill triggers the Lightning which does additional damage. This means you can have a hivemind drone die and everyone starts getting effected by lightning dealing massive damage.

Now onto the actual Extreme missions and what teams to use… some of these have Videos, some have written guides and some you will just need to figure out on your own!


Please bare in mind all the missions up to 3-4 can be done without ruby heroes, some screenshots and videos do use them however. 4 or 5 bar 10 heroes should suffice to 3 everything.

District 1

Extreme 1-1
Extreme 1-2

These both require you to use 2 heroes to complete, you can’t use a full 5 man team until 1-3. Use serial and focus on getting the shield up, let the ai use Duran to keep Serial’s shield up.

Extreme 1-3
Extreme 1-4
Extreme 1-5
Extreme 1-6
Extreme 1-7

This team relies heavily on Serial’s shield to absorb all the damage while Hivemind get’s his drones up. When a hive drone dies, this triggers Kurtz Platinum and that trigger’s Halo’s Lightning. This damages all enemies on the field. If used correctly then Serial will absorb all the damage and no other hero will be damaged.

Extreme 1-8

This mission relies on you surviving until the timer runs out, this means you should use Kurtz execute skill to kill your own team member and then use Flatline to revive. This is a common mission layout used for almost all of District 2 and 3. Alternatively you can use Serial instead of Halo if you are struggling to 3* the mission.

Extreme 1-9
Extreme 1-10

Use the same team and execute technique as before but if you are struggling to 3* the mission then swap Halo out for Serial.

Here is the video guide for DISTRICT 1 by KOLGAN who uses some different teams, this video shows other heroes can be used. This guide is only to show which I think is the easiest way to beat these missions.


Extreme 2-1

This mission has a Ruby Siren on it, she is the deadly part of the mission and will wipe your whole team if her Siren Song starts. The key to this is using Serial’s shield to absorb all damage and taunt, then using Kuno’s bronze to keep Siren stunned whilst doing high damage

Extreme 2-2

The main enemy on this mission is the Striker who’s drones will quickly overpower you, a similar team to before is used but instead of Kuno, Odachi is used. The Striker is on the top left ontop of the container in Wave 2, Pilot Odachi and keep her stunned, use Odachi’s Poison Caltrops and keep shooting her, this will stun her and eventually she will die. Lancer is on the right of you and can pose a problem if Serial’s shield is not up to taunt all damage.

Extreme 2-3

This is the mission that will stop most people from reaching District 3. It will likely take you a few attempts to 3*. You need to use the team in the video below in that exact order. This order is important for the placing of heroes, any change to this order may result in Kurtz executing your Flatline. The video shows me using Ruby heroes but this is possible to complete using Platinum+4 10 Star heroes too.

Extreme 2-4
Extreme 2-5
Extreme 2-6
Extreme 2-7
Extreme 2-8
Extreme 2-9
Extreme 2-10

All these missions can be beaten with the same simple team with Serial being used to taunt all the enemies whilst Kurtz executes and Flatline revives. Hivemind drones are also used to Taunt, when they die it triggers Kurtz’s platinum dealing additional damage. Mandrake is vital here as he can hide the teammate that does not receive Kurtz execute buff, when flatline revives them they will be below half health and without Mandrake will likely die fast.

Here is the video guide for DISTRICT 2 by KOLGAN who uses some different teams, this video shows other heroes can be used. This guide is only to show which I think is the easiest way to beat these missions.


Extreme 3-1
Extreme 3-2
Extreme 3-3
Extreme 3-4

Similarly from 2-4 to 2-10 the same team can be used. 3-2 is the important mission here if you are looking to grind up to level 95 faster, you can quick win this mission with no daily limit and you recieve 60xp per 20 energy, this makes it 6x faster than grinding normal missions and 3x faster than hard missions.

Extreme 3-5

3-5 is a mission similar to 2-3 in the previous district, it will stop a majority of players and that is perfectly fine because beyond 3-5 is only harder missions with no additional gain yet.

DISCLAIMER: You will require level 95 and Ruby Serial to beat this mission.

Without Ruby , this mission is impossible and you will die very fast, you will not get anywhere close to 3* it. Follow the video below very closely, this mission will take a few tries and the Ruby Commando’s will likely kill a team member within 3 seconds every time, this will likely warrant a reset until you get a run where this does not happen and Serial can get his shield up fast enough.

Extreme 3-6
Extreme 3-7
Extreme 3-8

Similar from 3-1 to 3-4, this used the Kurtz execute technique, there is nothing particularly challenging about these missions. Beware of the ruby heroes that have skills such as Clyde and Halloway, these will pose a threat and can kill your heroes. 3-8 is a common gear grinding mission as it can be auto run very easily with minimal issues. It also has a wide variety of gear you will want to use for Ruby.

Extreme 3-9

3-9 Extreme. This is another Survival mission that requires you to survive, similar to 1-8 extreme. This can be challenging as some heroes will repeatedly respawn such as Ruby Alvarez, Ruby Lancer and Ruby Francoise. Alvarez is a pain as he can silence your serial, Lancer does serious high damage and can cloak other enemies whilst Franc can provide godly Damage and health boosts to enemies. This mission will take a few tries but can be 3* with enough luck and practice. If you are only looking to pass at 1* which is likely pointless and 3-10 will stop you then you can use a bunch of heroes and kill the Ruby Callidous and then hide as mandrake until the timer is up. If you are looking to 3* the mission then I would recommend this team and this strategy.

Start with Serial and shoot at Callidous, this will lower her health but not killer her. As soon as Serial can you need to pop his shield up, swap to Francoise and start building her Take a Swig silver skill up to 4 charges, while this is charging you need to swap over to brogan and sit there, you need to do this to ensure he does not use his Lead By Example skill. When Francoise is on about to go to her 4th charge swap to her and throw her invigorate skill onto Brogan. The AI will automatically use his Lead By Example skill and if you are fast enough it should give everyone 4 charges of invigorate. This is important because it buffs and cleanses. Swap back to Serial and kill Callidous, then kill the Alvarez and keep your eye out on the Lancer. You will likely only need to do this once to pass enough time, stay on Serial and keep building up his taunt shield. Save your silver skill until the shield pops and then unload into a lancer to build the shield immediately. This should allow you to beat 3-9 3* but will take some luck and a few tries.

Extreme 3-10

This is the mission that will teach you the technique of micromanagement to pass through extreme missions. It will take a few tries and won’t be easy to do, follow the video carefully and you will beat it with some luck and practice. You will need to keep Serial’s taunt shield up and make sure Hivemind has taunt drones up at all times, try and save executes for the start of the second and 3rd round to weaken the enemies. You might find you need maxed out heroes at this point, some people can beat 3-10 with 1 or 2 rubies and some require more.

Here is the video guide for DISTRICT 3 by KOLGAN who uses some different teams, this video shows other heroes can be used. This guide is only to show which I think is the easiest way to beat these missions.


Extreme 4-1

This can be beat using the same team as seen for 3-10 and the same technique, ensure you focus on the main enemies. In wave 1 you will need to look directly across the map and take out Fischer before he can use any skills, if he does this will result in you losing a hero almost immediately to his trap or his kick. Take him out then take out the enemies at the bottom. Wave 2 you will want to focus on Ghoul and wave 3 use Serial to kill Clyde immediately, this will end the mission as he is the boss.

Extreme 4-2

This once again uses the same team as 3-10 and 4-1. You will want to focus on getting 3* here as you can QW similar to 3-2 but this gives you 70 XP per 20 energy, this is where most will grind to level 100 as you cannot beat District 4 without ruby barred heroes. In Wave 1 you will see ghoul and Alvarez, focus on the ghoul with serial and kill him before he gets his Molotov off, this will end your run as it silences you. Alvarez is the second biggest threat, focus on getting the execute off and using serial to kill everyone. In wave 2 Astrix is the main focus, she is on the ledge and needs to be taken out before she can use hero skills. Use serial to do this. Follow the video below for a guide on what to do.

Some other teams you could try:

Extreme 4-3

This is using the same team as the previous 2 missions, focus on the main enemies and keep Serial’s shield up with Kurtz execute.

Extreme 4-4

This is where things get really hard again as you can see I don’t have it 3*, Wave 1 has 5 Galante’s and Wave 2 has 5 Purifiers. These are all Ruby+3 level 216 and are brutal. On Wave 1 you will need to face the Missile Barrage from multiple Galante’s which are not effected by taunt, this means it will hit every one of your team members and it is a battle of keeping your health up. Some heroes like Flatline will likely die immediately as the AI will not dodge either. The key to this mission is Shank, his stun is powerful and can give you a small enough window to do damage and build up Serials shield. This mission took me over 50 tries before I passed with 1* which could have been 3* but I find it hard to recreate.

Wave 1, use Serial and shoot at the fist Galante to spawn on the left, pop your shield and swap to flatline, manually dodge the missile barrage and swap to shank, use his silver stun to try and stun as many Galante’s as possible. Use serial to shoot and kill the Galante’s that are not stunned, use Kurtz execute to heal if you need it. If Kurtz executes your flatline then move her around until you find a line that he won’t. Keep shanks stuns going and keep everyone stunned. Wave 2, try and execute as soon as the wave starts to give a health boost, use Shank to stun and keep Serials shield up. Take out as many Purifiers as you can as fast as possible to prevent them laying down fire. Wave 3 is the easy one, use serial and Kill Clyde and the mission ends as he is the boss, this is similar to 4-1. If you are lucky you will 3* it but if you make it to wave 3 there is a high chance you lost at least 1 member. This is not an easy mission and take a lot of attempts and luck, it relies heavily on Shank’s stun being able to stun at least 4/5 of the Galante’s. Any less then 3 and you will not survive all 5 members to wave 2.

Extreme 4-5

Please bare in mind I have gone back to this mission to 3* it, but it may be possible with just Ruby heroes.

Or you can try this:

This mission uses a similar team to 3-1 but relies on Halo to give that extra damage needed to end the mission fast. You want to start with Serial and aim for Hivemind to build up your shield and then swap to Kurtz to execute, if you are running the line up exactly shown in the video it will execute your Halo. Revive her and kill Hivemind, then kill Oro and focus on either Franc or Phalanx it doesn’t matter which. You may find your Halo dies before Wave 1 ends, this is fine and she will be revived in Wave 2. When wave 2 starts you will want to shoot and Kill Kurtz as soon as he spawns, use Serial and take him out. Then focus on the other enemies and try to save your Silver until wave 3 starts if you can. When Wave 3 starts you want to go all out on the mech, don’t focus anywhere else only the mech and kill it as soon as possible. It is very possible to 3* this mission using this technique, takes some practice however. Follow the video and you will pass.

Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Extreme 4-6


Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Extreme 4-7


Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Extreme 4-8


Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Extreme 4-9

Shoot with serial and build shield, wait until mandrake can go invisible and then hide.


Extreme 4-10

Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Or you can try this


Extreme 5-1


Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

HULK BEAST shows it does not need a full ruby team however!

Extreme 5-2

Wave 1 aim for Yanlong with serial and then take out Scum on the balcony. Use his shield and move to wave 2. On Wave 2 save Serial’s shield for wave 3 and then use it at the start.

Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Another video here by my good friend BBQ

Extreme 5-3


Or you can try this team by JUNGSSI

Or you can trey this:

Extreme 5-4

The key to this mission is a good start, this is the hardest part of the mission and takes luck, you will either die before serial’s shield is up or you won’t. Ending each wave you want to have Serial’s shield and extended clip charged.

Wave 1: Shoot at Marlowe with Serial (right side) and charge your shield, jump to shank immediately and charge up his bronze on Siren. Use his bronze to stun Wesson. Jump back to Serial and roll to the left to avoid being silenced, use your extended clip to kill wesson then siren (this may take some luck if Shank doesn’t stun enough enemies with his silver). Wesson is the largest threat, then siren, then hideo, then marlowe. You may need to sit at the end of the wave with just 1 enemy left to ensure serial’s skills are charged, this is vital that you have his extended clip already on and ready to use.

Wave 2: By starting the wave with extended clip you can kill Jarek asap before he jumps on your team and instakills someone. Sentry is the next focus as his skill will also instakill, the rest are easy to deal with, wait for your skills to recharge same as wave 1 and then go into wave 3.

Wave 3: Wait and don’t shoot at anything, on the top level there is a fischer and operator, take out fischer asap with your extended clip, he will instakill your team with kicks and his trap. Then turn focus to operator and then rifleman. Leave vanguard and ronin until the end as they can’t do much damage.

A note is if you can weaken enemies down to under 100k health before killing them, try and get oracle’s bombardment to kill enemies where possible for constant passive healing, my hivemind came very close to dying on the run I got 3* and that passive heal saved his life.

Extreme 5-5

Credit to JUNGSSI

Extreme 5-6

Extreme 5-7

Extreme 5-8

Extreme 5-9

Extreme 5-10

Massive Credit to Skathi who managed to let me edit this post again, thank you.

Please keep submitting teams to my DM or below so I can incorporate them into the guide, as a collective we thrive and can beat Extreme missions faster!


Great overview Ghastly! HH should be sending players here for Extreme questions.


We already send players to the forum, as we can’t give direct advice :slightly_smiling_face:


So much work! Nice job!


Thank you guys, this was a collective effort from everyone that has helped me get to where I am in extreme, I would appreciate it if you guys can keep this post alive and point people this direction when asking for extreme missions help, whether they have a team to share or are asking for alterative teams. Having 1 collective place for extreme tips, tricks and teams would be greatly helpful to all people involved I believe. So to everyone who sees this post, share it about to those asking for help and if you have anything to add then please do post it below, anything extreme is welcome! More teams can be edited and uploaded into this post over time as well if people have alternatives to those I suggest.


Thanks @Gale. Nice guide! Bookmarked!


Yes this will help so much :slight_smile:


Regarding 3-5, I don’t even know who kill my team… but your video allow me see for the FIRST TIME what I m actually shooting at!!! Bravo!


Great post.
Do you have any good suggestions for auto-play these 3 star missions? (saves some quick win tickets). Esp for the extreme level 2 and 3 ones.

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I wouldn’t recommend auto playing D2 missions at all, 3-2 and 3-8 are the easiest missions to auto play.

@Gale I auto everything


@Gale Im not quite there yet but when i am i know exactly where im coming for for info/guide…appreciate all the hard work…

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Hi mam! Great post! Thanks a lot!

I have a question… maybe somebody here knows the answer…

Is it possible replace hivemind for castellan to do the same effect to activated the kurtz power?

Yes it does trigger Kurtz’s platinum as well however you can only spawn 2 turrets and they don’t taunt. People have tried using Castellan for extreme but hivemind always comes out on top, I suspect it’s the same reason why Striker is not used much either.


Thanks for the answer! :wink:

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Any alternative teams for 1-2 bro?? Don’t have serial yet, and most likely will get him after aw season rewards change.

you can try heckler / Duran will be harder without serial

I 3 starred it with krieger and phalanx, both plat 4 and 10* if it can help you! :slight_smile:

Got close calls with Kreiger and Francoise bro. Both 10* plat 5. Will try that too.

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Just finished 1-2 with Kreiger and Francoise combo!! Just needed to do it manually. The results are amazing though. It takes no time at all to manually shoot them down.

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