Gauntlet Updates Incoming!

You guys complained over and over how mediocre Guantlet had become and requested an update, not only did they do so but they even gave you all a QUICK WIN option and yet you still complain. There was once a time when Guantlet was extremely difficult and I myself could remember finding it difficult to even pass sector 3 or 4 before the update and guess what I did? That’s right, leveled up and moved on. Stop complaining and try various team compositions to see who compliments who. Personally I don’t have an issue with the update, everything is optional and you’re NOT obligated to QUICK WIN or play sectors 6-7. So please stop bickering about every single thing and enjoy the damn game


Agree! Im starting to think that the new gauntlet is rewarding the players who consistently built up heroes and punishing to those who limited their heroes’ powers for minmaxing and sandbagging. Im doing completely fine with the new gauntlet with few deaths. Im not bothering to buy extra tokens because thats my choice and I plan on using gold for sales and crates.


Gauntlet necessitates having a wide roster of powerful heroes. It really hurts people whove dumped all their frags into 4-6 heroes. You now need at least 25 geared and actually good heroes, but more than likely youll need a bunch more to replace anyone who dies.



thanks for the advice Doc 'lock

I think some of you are missing the point. It’s not about the difficulty in and of itself. I was able to get through sectors 1-5 the first day without an issue, and then the second day was able to beat sectors 6 and 7 without much difficulty. That’s not the issue.

The issue is it’s now harder to beat sectors 1-5 than before and the rewards are the same or worse. Sure you can use quick win tickets, but at 100 for a full run it’s incredibly expensive and most people will be out of tickets within a month or two.

The change they made does not benefit lower VIP players at all, in fact it makes things harder and more time consuming. Now, instead of easily going through sectors 1-5 on 3x auto, people either have to manually play, or they have to use quick win tickets. Personally I have no issues since I have been playing over a year and have a huge roster of 10* plat heroes, but try to imagine how this is going to work for newer players.

Why no one is questioning the 6.3 quick win ticket cost per mission is beyond me. That’s double what raids cost. Why is it so high?? This is where the real issue lies.


I think to get through five you need between 35 and 40. To finish off six and seven probably 15 more.

Edit: When I finished all 7 it took about 35 to get through 5 and 12 to finish off 6 and 7. I am over 1mil power, all hero’s are platinum, maxed to my level, and skills are either maxed or one level less. Level 88 at the time.

Yeah, I’m agree with the statement, we got the same rewards but need a lot more effort…

The dev’s point is correct also, quick win is optional…

But just a suggestion, if we decide NOT to use quick win, at least make the difficulty as same as the previous gauntlet…

If we need more efforts to finish the regular zone 1-5, please give us more rewards…


Bunch of complainers! All of you lot, sheesh!


I need a carry on my Gauntlets


This actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe if you could have a friend use 1 or 2 or their stent heros to assist you in the higher gauntlet levels? Just throwing out ideas


Its ok for whatever update gauntlet, please add enemy hero like on pvp,
Im hate when meet mandrake fisher and saphire, blink without info still alive or die…

So where are you getting this feedback of vast majority approval that you claim to exist outside forums then? I’m pretty sure app store reviews won’t specifically comment on gauntlets.

TL;DR - Games run tests all the time and know how much and how often people play the game. They don’t need to wait for a review to make decisions. Welcome to the future my dude.




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That isn’t “Blindly” supporting the devs, he’s just giving a reasonable statement and trying his best to look at the Devs’ perspective.

Edit: You can’t always assume there is “The” reason why the devs or generally the higher-ups do their thing, although based in this whole thread, I think the devs are surely considering something different for the Gauntlet.

And to be fair, I do notice that my Quick Win Tickets are slowly dwindling in numbers… by the thousands I think.

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Guntlet always was my most enjoyable mode in the game till the last update, I generally geeting less money that require playing harder missions that is the only way I see it, so I really hate this change

Not sure by which factor guntlet is determined but if was really by factor taken by your highest 5 heroes then it is absolutely unfair as most of people will work on strengthening a team help them in the rest of game modes like pvp and campaign, most of people will have much stronger top 5 heroes than the rest not including the elements bouns troubles

My top 5 heroes are at 89K strong but still struggling with through out mission, truly not even thinking of doing level 6 and 7 somedays I am lucky to reach 5

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I had roughly 2500 quick win tickets stock piled when the Gauntlet change came about. Now I am down to under 1600.

Before the Gauntlet change, I was able to fly through all sectors on auto and 3x speed. The highest powered teams I would face were 50-60k on Sector 5. Now I am facing 70k teams on sector 3 and by Sector 5 they are 95k power teams. Keep in mind my highest team is only 98k and my B team is 89k.

Rewards before were the same Gauntlet Gems, but nearly 800k cash. Now I am getting roughly 650k cash.

So, to recap, auto play is MUCH harder and Quick win tickets are not viable since the cost is so ridiculously high in Gauntlet. Only the highest VIP can keep up with the quick win pace. And the real kicker in all of this is rewards actually got worse.

I have asked before without any real response from the devs. Why was the quick win price set so high? Why was the difficulty for sectors 1-5 increased, but not the rewards? I am fine with sectors 6 and 7 having a cost and increased difficulty, they are more optional for people who want to pay and push themselves for extra rewards. But, why did you make the normal sectors 1-5 all around worse for everyone?

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It’s crazy when change is needed and the developers make the necessary everyone complained, when they do nothing, everyone complained, I say bravo gauntlet it’s great like that


Hello, my first post
In my opinion the new gauntlet is great in all its improvements and changes. So thanks for that.
But there is one thing that I think I have not understood correctly (google translate is not always reliable):
According to what I understand by the info, the rewards improve when going up bracket, however I have gone from playing at the challenger level to champion and I receive the same rewards of gems and bucks.
So, I’m wrong or there’s been some kind of “error” in my gauntlet
Thank you