Gauntlet has taken 11 days of my spare time


It’s REALLY hard to respond to this topic without making promises. Refreshing Gauntlet is something we all really want to happen. And addressing these specific issues are top priority.


I know it’s hard for you @Huginn , but this is something that is a priority, I hate it that I need to play from 23.00-24.00 just making sure I don’t lose bucks.

We all have other stuff to do in our life’s, and this chore really kills it, it’s not fun, and we play this game to have fun.

You did some amazing updates, I love alliance war, but this is something that needs to be pushed.

To be honest, I dropped 300€ last week and I’m still thinking about stopping because of a gauntlet, sometimes I want to lay down after a long day of work, and not worry about a stupid reset that adds no value to the game, besides the bucks we need.

Gauntlet feels like a punishment for dedicated players, we can’t skip it, we kick ourselves in the nuts if we skip it.

But this adds 0 fun to this game, I’d rather use a single bronze 1* hero against a 10* plat 5 team and have a laugh.

Gauntlet doesn’t make me laugh, it makes me annoyed and pushes me to do it.


Like Huginn said, it’s something we really want to happen, and we can’t promise you anything right now. All feedback is noted! Thanks.


uhmm, I read the comments about the gauntlet mode, which is boring and makes them waste time, frankly I like this mode because it gives me the opportunity to use heroes that in pvp are not seen normally and are also only 15min between 30min maximum. It is not a long time, I would also like the developers to do a similar way to a gauntlet but without end I would love to try all the heroes.


Make quick wins an option. Make gauntlet scale to your power and increase the rewards accordingly. Do whatever…but adding rewards “other than gauntlet gems”? As long as that is NOT confused with having rewards where you get something other than gauntlet gems and NO gems. The bucks are a big part of the gauntlet but so are the gems…in fact I would say equally as important as bucks as they are a major source of my heronium farm…


This is pretty much why I can’t keep up with the game anymore, because I lack Bucks.
Taking breaks from bounty to bounty is one thing, but it’s just really dissapointing knowing how much resources I lose everytime I take a week off from the game, because I know once I open the game it’ll eat up my time by an hour or two, which I don’t have much of anymore…
Pretty much also why I can’t keep up with the weekly poll.


Thank you @Huginn :+1: and @Muninn :+1: for the positive feedback & support making sure this is top priority. I think we all want a refresh of Gauntlet with new content and many have suggested some good ideas for that, specially @Poobgloob with a full Gauntlet 2.0 setup, but the short term fix is Quick win.

I just want to emphasize that making it an option to Quick win Gauntlet for those who have mastered it 10 times is a quick fix that should require extremely low resources to do. As a team you don’t need to recalculate how this would affect any other aspects of the game and would make life for the majority of us a lot better, spending the time we have to game on the elements of the game we enjoy. I hope you can do this for latest next update, and then continue to work on a bigger refresh which I assume might take a bit longer time.

For those who still enjoy to fully play Gauntlet, they will have the option to do so and would not be a negative impact for them either.

PS: I love the Alliance wars, a great new addition to the game! :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration:


Currently I have a fluid system for all currencies:
First, I watch both ads for gold and energy, then do 3x solo raids, 3x PvP missions, 10X campaign missions, equip a gear
THEN, with 3 tasks left, I either:
3x coop raid
Trade bucks for gold
Upgrade hero skill 3x
3x gauntlet
Free energy from timed logins (6:00-7:00, 9:00-10:00)
USUALLY I do 3x coop, timed login and trade bucks. I have been maintaining my bucks, energy and gold this way, and increasing them at the same time. I avoid evolving high level heroes until necessary to avoid losing a lot of bucks, and strictly do only 10x campaign missions to avoid losing too much energy (unless i’m 3 platinum fragments away from promoting a hero to platinum). I also save my gold and buy special event crates mostly.


I do understand the desire to quick win Gauntlet but think it should be some sort of compromise, maybe something along the lines of this - if you complete it fully, you get 2 (or more, depending on VIP level) sweep chances that you can use as you see fit. You can also buy these sweep chances in the Gauntlet store, so you can technically sweep it every day, but for an overall lower amount of Gauntlet gems when you take into account the purchase cost.
So that way you would only have to complete it “properly” once every 3 days, but the option is still there to quick win it every day if you’re willing to settle for slightly lower gem rewards.

Analysing the mode itself, Gauntlet in this game is actually one of the less time-consuming versions of the same mode I’ve seen in others. Taking one game (I say game but it’s a glorified slot machine at this point) as an example, TWD Road to Survival; their version of Gauntlet is nothing short of a pain.

There are only 10 stages daily compared to the 15 here, but that’s where the favorable comparisons end. Every day you complete a stage the difficulty increases - even if you have toons completely maxed out, auto running at the top level is out of the question because the enemies on each stage have 3x your stats and will obliterate you unless you painstakingly put a counter team together, equip them with the right kind of weapons and tiptoe through each stage. You could be talking 10m+ per stage - I get the entirety of Gauntlet done in 10m.

And it’s not like Gauntlet here where the rewards are worth it - the rewards there are no better than running an ordinary world stage. Just 10x the effort for the same result. And worse again, they actually made a tournament off the mode where you’ve to complete 125 stages to get to the finish. As said, nothing short of a pain. So all in all, things aren’t too bad here.


tbh, having to qw through the 5 levels of gauntlet does help, but then its just pointless to do. its supposed to be somewhat of a challenge the higher level you go. it wouldnt be long before someone ends up complaining that gauntlet has become boring because you just use the qw to blow through it and needs a new challenge.

tbh, i feel like instead of fighting against enemy teams, why not just through in like enemy waves. include elite bosses and bigger boss fights.

I do 2 runs of gauntlet each day. i go through it super fast. at this point its just for the extra cash. just fighting the groups of players seems like insanity


It’s been a LONG time since gauntlet has been any sort of challenge for a lot of us. For every round, I just grab the first 5 heroes I can tap without caring who they are. It’s a stupid chore that has zero strategic offering once you’ve blown through it dozens of times effortlessly.


11 days, and I think it’s even more than that, waste of time


Somehow I said hours instead of days, my bad


Another month has passed, we finally got March update and I just started my new Gauntlet after 12pm and was a bit disappointed no quick win option was added :cold_sweat:

I know there has been a lot of focus on Alliance wars which I think is great, but 1 hour programming at max would improve the quality of life and time spent on the game drastically for a lot of us. Hopefully we will soon be positively surprised :pray: Thx for listening…

PS: By getting 29 likes on this original post/topic, I got a fun badge saying “Good Topic” which only 4 others have, thank you for that, but much more importantly it should indicate how hot potato this issue is for the players.


We will change Gauntlet. If we added quick win to it now we’d just take it away with the revamped Gauntlet. If everyone is okay with that then we can look at this as a “hold over” until the new system comes in.

Edit: We’d take away Quick Win because one of the goals of the refresh is to make it less of a time sync. “Less time for the same reward”

The current state of Hero Hunters (w/ poll) [Dev Response]

That’s exactly what everyone’s been begging for now for months! Give us a quick fix now until the real fix is ready.


Thank you for the response @Huginn

I’m personally more than happy with a temporary “quick fix” quick win until new revamped system comes inn. We knew you guys have been and are working on the new gauntlet, at least had it on the list of things to do, but as this normally takes some time until it is fully released we will at least have a in-between working solution.

PS: New Gauntlet “Less time for same reward” works, if not add another challenge to it with improved reward to keep up with LvL85+ skills gold cost and not from the original lvl45+ skills gold cost. Main thing is by far is a solution of time spent on repetitive daily tasks


Awsome, the news most people have been waiting for.

No more stress between 11 and 12 to get it done before the reset.

Thanks for the update @Huginn


@Huginn Thank you. How many Quick Win tickets will this take? 1 per level I hope?


We’ve only just begun thinking about this. It would be impossible to respond at this point in time