Gauntlet bug


Gauntlet broken get hero falling through map at end shows 8 heros in enemy some ??


I have it too, sent in a ticket


Getting de sync at end now


Having the same problem, only I noticed that there was a energy boss, and basic snipers, I also started out as callidus who I don’t have unlocked yet. My 6 star, gold Maven is going down within about 5 seconds of it beginning on Gauntlet zone 1 mission 1.


Also hit this bug.

I noticed that it does not even load into the correct stages. It seems like a stripped down part of random sectors.

I guess potentially they could be related sectors that the gauntlets stages leverage from. But yeah … some weird coding is combining the gauntlets and mission stage and enemies.

If you take heroes strong enough they still win the gauntlet runs though.

– Edit –

Unfortunately resetting gauntlet DOES NOT FIX the issue. So don’t attempt that. This was the fix for FF which also had this issue earlier today.



Still not working tried alt accounts and still same also story mode same just quick win or u waste alot of Stamina


This does appear to be fixed now.

You may need to hard reset the game and/or your device. But it should be fixed.

If not, submit a ticket as may have a larger issue.



Yeah fixed with .essge and little sorry bonus thanks hh hope this might be the overdue gauntlet update


We had a bounty ‘bug’ 2x to before a major overhaul, maybe it has something to do with that


Thanks for your patience, everyone! The issue has been resolved. Check your inboxes!

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