Fischer ruins bounty weekend


@doc_holliday…keeping him stunned solves nothing as he will still go invisible…its his passive gold skill so it just activates. There is literally NO way to stop it from happening unlike other heroes.


There are so much solutions to him, I’d like to see better support hero’s.

Maybe change some hero’s who aren’t used right now to give them a better support role.

Think of taunt, mark, silence etc.

Trust me Fischer is easy…


I like that idea.
Give some of those less popular heroes some extra oomf…

Using Elite Rifleman for example:

  • I feel he’s one of the least played heroes as a whole
  • His gold and platinum skills are both extremely simplistic and do not really add much to his quality, especially when compared to others…
    • I feel like they could both use a complete rework.
  • His platinum increases his critical Hit chance, why not add to it so whenever he critically hits an enemy, the enemy is marked for the next X amount of seconds, and takes X percent of increased damaged.


This simply isn’t true. I’ve already said in this thread that if you aren’t bringing marking heroes, then it’s your own fault if you’re struggling with Fischer. There ARE ways to stop his invisibility from happening and if you aren’t taking advantage of them, then that’s a personal problem.

When you play bounty, you need to maximize your damage potential and sometimes that means bringing heroes that don’t do much damage, despite it being counterintuitive. When using a Ronin team for example, you’d be silly not to bring Hivemind. He doesn’t do much damage, but he allows the real damage dealer to excel. The same is true against Fischer. You bring Gale to keep him marked so that your dps can bring in damage.