February 2021 Update Notes - The Slurp Update

Now beck nerf for nothing, last month Oracle nerf for nothing, each month you nerf worst hero , other month baron, dont understand why you nerf bad hero, and no other hero like krieger or kurtz,kioshi and many more before already bad hero, i dont use beck, but i think is ridiculous , she already die in 2s and now no damage, wow
You do great job with this game but every month I am discouraged on the side of the nerf / buff of the heroes
The buff of torque is also ridiculous, only + health haha, this hero need change on all skill, is so weak no armo, no health, no damage, turret is too weak. First of all start at 80% cooldown will be great ( like castellan), 2rd really big buff of healing turret like x3 will be great or heal all ally not only one, because now why i will use torque if matadore,heimlock,gammond heal more!!!, passive heal will be great (like Cross plat skill)when the turret have full health like turret give shield to castellan.

here is something that should be changed to improve a hero’s buff and not just health. I am not a developer but you should ask yourself a question to each hero to know if the nerf / buff is good. WHY I WILL USE THIS HERO IF ANOTHER DOES THE SAME THING IN BETTER? With more damage, more armor,…

Odelay! Beck’s damage output was a little too high, so adjustments have been made.

  • Offensive Mod decreased from 3.7 to 2.8
  • Damage decreased from 610 to 290
  • Critical Damage decreased from 610 to 290

Not sure how any of this equates to a 6k power loss

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hope HH consider more about Beck
She have evasion skill but she still so easy to be killed in pvp, the only thing she can do that she deal damage as much as she can. Now the new update decrease 40% her attack damage. It s so bad. and The stat decrease ~4k-6k. That impact too much in AW

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Every update people threaten to leave the game and you all are still here lol.

Anyway great update, best update since the introduction of ruby level in my opinion. You guys proved you were listening to some of our suggestions and you implemented them very well this go round. Thank you from all of us even the salty ones thank you deep down!



I don’t know the exact math, but those are base stats which are multiplied in accordance to how built up your hero is. Since two of those were cut in half and another was cut down by a quarter, there’s a pretty big nerf in her power and damage scaling.

Along with many others, I too voted Ryker and Ryker won the klayton award. Why didn’t he receive a buff ? :rage:

Is he worth upgrading to ruby? @Yurik I prefer slurp over icebox frags.

@Doom it more or less explains the Ryker awards. But it would be a welcome gesture.

I am so happy to see a new way - and a consistent way - to farm those cursed MK5 core fragments. But… Why don’t we have Mk6 available in missions too? They take even longer to get. And it’s those two combined which make ruby level heroes such a drag to get to.

Strange update. Yeah, we have few great minor changes and good (but late) Valentine’s skin for Obrez, but…

  1. After update game start heat device. Almost immediately. When before update my phone was cold as ice even after hours of game.

  2. MK5 for gold in store? Seriously? This is direct road to pay to win. If before that all players has common chances in 13.5 and same rewards from events – now all donaters will gone wild, lol. With current PVP system this mean what PVP time for each player will be longer. This is very bad. I completely don’t wanna play in this game more than before. Especially in PVP. Add new category and remove all cheaters, nolifers and workless peoples from main part of gamers.

  3. MK5 in 13.5 – drop chance will ruin. Yeah, you add more mission in Exreme District 1, but if before update I farm 2 guaranteed MK5 fragments per 100 stamina, often 4-5 fragments and almost never zero fragments, now this is 1 non guaranteed fragment and half of farm give nothing.

  4. Gauntlet is more harder now. This is goid change for me (I love this mode), but for weak players this is will be nightmare. Plus I see changes in AI logic – bots start more focusing piloted hero, bots start use smart dodge actions.

Love the tongue on the front loading screen hanging out Michael Jordan style in space jam . Lol beast mode HH. It would have been nice if he slapped a enemy right on top of the head with tongue stunning him/her for 5 haha. Slurp


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Lol, what’s life without ones that love you no matter what, that they will let you slurp their face.

Everything was fine, people about to praise devs & I was about to fall in love with this update then, we found beck got soo much love.

Sed loife

How come other people see there is quick wins for sale in heronium store but on my account I don’t see it? I only see them in black market?

Edit, store just restocked and now they are there. Weird mine was so delayed but I am happy to see them being offered in this store.

Congratulations for disappointing in this update, harming many players. Many spent a lot to try to have good attacks and defenses in the war, and actions simply hurt these people. Since for many it is not easy to level platinum 6. Congratulations for the poor treatment of your players

Regarding the downgrading of Beck:

My opinion - I don’t like this practice. As a player you always consider which hero you level more than other heroes. Be it because of top 20 in alliance war, maximizing all DamageDealer or other reasons. In any case, you think well about for which heroes you use the valuable equipment. Leveling has become incredibly expensive, especially on Ruby (and the event rewards are hardly better). Therefore, my opinion is that this extreme downgrading of Beck goes far beyond tolerable downgrades.


Peoples get Ruby to 2* trash heroes by own will and now start whining about that. This is priceless. But devs make right actions – if 1* and 2* characters more stronger than 5* and 7* this ridiculous. 5* and 7* give them money from donate. 1* and 2* (and even 3*) give only heronium to their owners, lol. I hope next nerf will be for Matador. His breaking shields developed for platinum era. For Ruby shield need timer. For example one shield per 2 seconds.


In pure theory, a 2* should not be “better” than a 7* hero. All that changes is the immediate availability of said hero, and how ‘fancy’ their abilities are. (7* Kurtz’s skillset is a bit more ‘fancy’ than the skillset of 1* Hardscope, but the both retain same effectivity in different ways).

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You don’t get the point. Point is: a hero that was useless since ages for every game mode except war is being nerfed for no reason to become even more useless.

And everyone is asking for the reason and yet we don’t get answers.

Notes says she did too much damage. But no she didn’t. Never. Any no power level. I tried at every level. Useless from the very beginning. It’s like nerf Torque for “healing too much”. It’s just wrong.


Should you refer to my opinion, may I ask you for the respect in the forum that everyone should show to everyone. I do not whine, but say my opinion about a process. If you have another a opinion, this is also entitled to you!