February 2019 Update Notes - DOWNLOAD NOW!


Butters, Flatline, mandrake, Ifrit guaranteed shields for days.


Faction_Shoremen Bucket

The Bucket hero spotlight link is unaccesible.


Very happy that Draft events give PvP shards now :slight_smile:
Thank you for that !


So it seems this bounty will only benefit pat to win players since bucket is only available to purchase with real money?


There’s still a week before the bounty. A developer commented on another thread that we’d soon be able to grind for Bucket.


But he will not be avaliable for free before bounty. Since the raid is not announced yet, he will not be playable before Tuesday. That will give you a max of 30 Frags before bounty starts. This will make it mandatory to spend at least 240 gold to get him before bounty, even more if the raid opens later this week.

I am aware that you should have advantages if you spend cash. But what really bothers me is how HHG handles these things. Just making a statement that they want to make a new hero cash only for the first bounty, or if they just try out different ways, would be good, since they handled it different for almost a year.


It’s bad. What bothers me the most is that they said short after the updated that Bucket would be grindable “soon”.
Anyway, sure we who have Bucket already are going to have a greater opportunity to score well. Investing a lot in Scum for those who don’t have Bucket yet is their best shot. Bucket is NOT a damage monster.


He propably is not a damage monster, but he will have a good output with the multiplicator and the boosts he gets from his skills. Scum will be the man though.
But with the pile up of bio heroes we have to expect again this bounty, every bonus hero is needed to get rid of them.


The issue is this month sets a precedent for future releases. They want players to gain an edge by paying, and they make it clear. It is not a sudden change, the tweaks took place over some time to shorten the gap between making heroes grindable and the bounty events. Then you have mid-month coop change that reset your level progression. Now you have them simply replacing new hero coops with other frags.

Many of you guys will be comfortable with gradual changes but be prepared for when bounty heroes become ungrindable.