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I share your concerns about Fisher. Him beeing invisible for half of the bounty was annoying but managable. But beeing invisible and having a beck like skill is a bit over the top. Becks gold skill, which is similar to Fishers plat is already annoying, but since Fishers plat will stack to the max most of the time in bounty, he will propably only get half of the damage a normal bounty would take.
Even worse is that most of the Energy damage dealers are HROF heros that will trigger his skills even more often.

I do not share your opinion on Matador. He is good at breaking covers by himself. His Bronze breaks a cover instantly and with one mag he shreds a cover too. If his shield would be troggered by every cover broken, he would be from zero to hero, from useless to op. It is up for test but I can think of some teams he could do good in. With the changes on him and Keel cover breaker teams may be back.


Hey, Cinder and Heimlock are in hard campaign missions now. Savage is also in District 8 hard mode missions now.


This is a level 83 8* Platinum Bucket. I wonder if that 390 HPS is correct. It’s very low. :thinking:


Have yall seen yanlong

Lvl 60 gold 2 bar in campaign


It’s a GLITCH!!! Devs see it and correct it !!!


I was thinking the same, and now you have me :thinking:
Fischers New Skill
-“The Ultimate Sacrifice” @Poobgloob

Grapple Dash: is 50% of damage dealt = to 50% health, which depends on total health remaing. 

Am I missing something… This does not add up, it sounded great till I got to

Resulting in :face_with_monocle:
Nice scenario, Fischer could only be used for the bounties that leave, anoying, low amount health…


Why could you only use him for bountys with low health? He deals the damage to every oponent having a higher max health than his health is atm you activate the skill. So he will deal it to every bounty, no matter what health the bounty has left


I use Mauler, Cain, and Nightingale most for the critical damage boost. When reading the skills I have came across a few unclear type of damage, crit, normal attack, skill increased, etc…
Mauler is one of my fav’s, not liking the decrease of stun. Why mess with this, it’s one stun with a high % of Strke Out
Strick Out: ability to move by revolving or turning over and over all to prevent negative effects, stall for a revive, and cooldown for skills.


I was going of @Poobgloob scenario per say, if it were to be true. We have the answers now!


I agree he would be broken, that’s what I said in my original post. I was primarily pointing out that patch notes were inaccurate because:

  1. The notes don’t mention that Matador’s shield was reduced
  2. The notes say “Shield is also triggered whenever cover is demolished.”, which would imply it works like Cinder’s plat, but in the game it says “whenever YOU demolish cover”

I think he will continue to be very mediocre because theres no guarantee he will break cover with gunfire, there’s a substantial chance he will use Bull Rush on someone who isn’t behind cover, and even then getting one shield per bull rush is nice but it’s not going to suddenly make him good enough to use over other top-tier frontlines.

And yea, Fischer will likely cap out his stacks, it seems to be capped at 4 stacks (again, no documentation about this), but 60% evasion for a huge chunk of the bounty is twice as much as Beck, and he has his invis. It will not be fun.


I have only two 10 star mauler and Clyde it’s not good…


Since his gold can only activate every four seconds hia plat can also only actovate every four seconds and has a duration of 20 seconds, so when the fifth activation gets activated the first one should be over.
But yes, it is still to much. Might be okay in PvP, but in bounty it sucks.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see an announcement about Flatline’s new skin that seemed to slip under the radar. I’m guessing it’ll be apart of the valentine’s store? :man_shrugging:


I did see her new skin,then went to look at it again and it was gone,some crazy pink hair


Maybe I am the only crazy one but I really want to use Oracle can she get some love plz. Her skills take way to long to charge so she is no way viable for pvp only pve barely. If you have strong characters in your team they will kill everything so you cant proc her heal overtime when she kills with the mortar strike. Does each mortar proc her bronze skill if it is active?


Oracle fills a good role in my Mauler / Halo / Ifrit / Mandrake team.
As soon as the match starts Oracle sap 3 random enemies which will make them disoriented (and the combo starts to make Halo rain lightnings on them). She’s also good to speed up the skill charge time for Ifrit so he can do his Showtime earlier which is the most important thing to obtain a victory with this team.
Why is Mandrake in there? Because of his Platinum actually. It will trigger to deal extra damage to the 3 sad enemies Oracle saps in the opening of the match.


But she is not all that stand alone that sounds like a really nice combo that intrial burst is dumb lol. But I cant slap her into a random team and have her do well. I think she should her ger cooldowns lowered. Her broze activates after everyone uses there skills so it does make Butters shield faster or or Koblod it just speeds up there next shield proc.

I was trying to do like a Butters, Kobold, Oracle, Hivemind, and Clyde set up. all at gold tho.


There should be no hero that makes a team better on his own. There are only few heroes left that make a team better instantly and that is good. Flatline and Mandrake make every team better and in some way Dogface, because you can build whatever healing around him and he will do good.

If Oracle would not have to sit down duiring her silver skill but just cast it and move on she would be more viable.


Okay that would be cool if she could cast silver while moving. They have a lot of heros that make teams overall better if you can kill butters early he dominates and if you leave a caine alive you cant play. But like never once have I been grateful I had a oracle on the team. Except in pve content were her mortar kills a few weak enemy and you have massive heals overtime.


Butters shields are good but slow. He is good but other heroes can easily replace him.
Caine can get annoying but you can work around him with your damage dealer so he gets less effective.