Featured Hero Testing


I think it would be a wonderful thing if we could get a trial period with each new featured hero. The hero trial/test can be anything from offering a short test period where refunds can be offered to an event of sorts where we can test the hero out to see if we like it. Some heroes sound amazing on paper and play terribly, others look terrible on paper and play like champs, and then there are some that play as they read. It would be great to play them out to be certain before deciding to pass or go on a hero. What do you all think?


I like the idea! I feel like they did this with one of the heroes a while back. Was it Brogan? Can’t completely remember but I believe they’ve done this at least once in the past.


I remember they let us try out Oracle for a PVP event. Her stars, bars, skill levels, and hero level would copy that of your strongest hero on your PVP team. I think they did that with a couple other heroes too, but I can’t remember. It’d be nice if they brought that back.


They did the same with Cinder. Made me want to get her after I saw how good she was.