Fan Art Poll

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Since you guys approve my work: What do you want to see me draw next?
  • Witnessed Alvarez
  • Lovestruck Cross
  • Id34 4-Cep aka Bigbrain skin
  • Peck Beck
  • Hardtime Heckler
  • Klayton (Lava Skin)
  • Mk.2 and Dave

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Note Mk.2 and Dave skin will have some modifications with added blobs of slime (pinkish)and a purple/pink tint for the base. I love this skin, but I just wanted to emphasize the character a little more.


I wanna see them all!!


Lovestruck Cross!!!

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Sentai Sapphyr! :wink:

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Sorry, I was going to add it in, but I had class and was in a little rush. Oops, will fix that!

@J_A_D_O Made another poll with Sentai Sapphyr as I can not edit the last one along with a bunch of other skins.

What I should Draw? Countinued
  • Sentai Sapphyr
  • Zen Silhouette
  • Savage Claus
  • Silent Nitingale
  • Tagger Irezumi
  • Shu Nian Kurtz
  • Klg Commando

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Note Zen Silhouette will have a golden tint to the face as it was put in the skin banner. Didn’t know why it is shown as gloss black in the game version. :thinking: Also, let me know if you have other suggestions on what YOU would want to see more or like a lot. Yes I did not include Frost Shock Halo as a choice for holidays and I did draw it (turned out a little too small with bad facial).I’m bad at drawing facial features and will improve and hopefully just spread some cheer to people having a not so good day by looking at my drawings.


Here it comes! Peck Beck ready to put some gravy on your plate!(If you celebrate Thanksgiving) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!