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This game has a criminal lack of Fan art, we should fix that!

Share any Fan Art you’ve created, commissioned, found.


(Commissioned) Artist:

(Commissioned) Artist:

(Commissioned) Artist:


Either image is mirrored or mandrake’s bear’s head is on the wrong side🤔
Even though thats a great image

pinned globally #4


These are amazing @Gruff_McTuff! They’ll definitely get pinned to our wall here at the studio!


This game has a criminal lack of Operator-in-a-bridal-gown fanart, we should fix that!


Work in progress


@Tjoekimayo yooo that looks great!


Thx bro work in progress I’ll post the final result later this week


Thank you for helping fix the critical lack of good fan art. It looks great!


It’s my pleasure Gambit


got another on the way


Oof I need 20 characters