Extreme 1-8

I have tried multiple times, unsuccessfully, to survive. What is the magical team to use now?

Did you succeed with this team since Chester was added?

Probably not…chester kill eletrics with 3 shoots

This team was used the day extreme district 1 was released

I have a video. everything’s there. (1-1) - (1-10) and (2-1) - (2-10)

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yes that’s good but now this we can no longer do with the reduction of mandrak

Right… no longer work… they made a patch shooting… actually shoot u with a marker…lol

I was lucky to be able to simply pass it with mandrak but there are still full teams that work

I need help with 1-2 lol

District 1 Extreme 3* Completed. For 1-8 and 1-9 make sure to get the snipers first and control the first hero in the line up.

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Really? Hard time heckler? Honestly would not have thought he’d work for this. Good to know.

he doesn’t now, I’m certain; before they added chester, perhaps

Try Françoise mandrake for 1.2…

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Mine are too weak :confused:

Yes I struggled on that too, until I finally beat it with Francoise & Mandrake. Pilot Francoise manually, not drake.

I am also stuck on 1-8 extreme.