Event Timings

The event Timings are more suited for US based players. For Asian players, the event starts at 12:30 AM IST , most of the players cant afford to have such timings to play . As this game is gaining more and more popularity in asian countries , the timings of event starting must also be in favour of us . I’m not saying to make it happens at 360° reverse , I’m saying that instead of 12:30 AM IST , cant it be in morning like 7 or 8 AM IST , that is , after 7 to 8 hours . It means there should be a shift of 7 to 8 hours in timings


The time zones are actually perfect for British players strangely as it is based on UTC (GMT0) which is my time zone in the UK. Meaning PVP starts at 6pm and war starts at 8pm


Yup it favours only some countries, as I said , it needs a shift

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I do believe there was a previous thread on the topic of changing war time, the devs basically said they can’t do it for some reason. Not sure why but from what I remember they want all wars to happen at once

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Events are timed universally for a reason. One example is War. If War gets further dis-aggregated into different time zones, then the population in each zone would be even less. A monopolistic or top alliance would just sit in one zone, while the other one in another zone etc or their groups together.

Then win-trading “full or 2/3 map giveaway” would be amplified and many other issues. (not really win-trading since it only favors the one alliance that would get these map sectors every season :slightly_smiling_face:)


I read the new rules of forums…
I just want to say if we will have a reset time as 18:00 IST… then, this will give a favourable-fair time to all players over the world… It means, no one needs to stay awake for midnight like most of the south Asian players do…thats why Japanese & chinese alliances having 90% players who are really dedicated to this game like spending 10hours+ daily in this game will get a fair chance to get headstart in wars, pvps & in bounties.
Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

I think they should split war resets into 12 hrs instead of 24 hrs, then it works for everyone. If they change the current 24 hr reset time, that’ll upset a lot of people…


No matter what time you put, there are going to be some people who have War start at a terrible time for them, so you can’t say it’ll be alright for everyone, or that “no one needs to stay awake for midnight” because that just isn’t true.

18:00 (6 PM) IST is 5:30 AM Pacific Time. Hothead themselves are in Pacific Time.

I understand War resets aren’t ideal for Asian-based players, but if resets only happen once every 24 hours, it’s not going to work out well for everyone, and I imagine most players are in the U.S. and Canada.


Dont they start at the same time? 8pm brit time and pvp reset is at 10pm

Yup, we have members from NA, europe and asia and pretty much cant get many ppl to be there at the reset :slight_smile:

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War starts at 3am here in Malaysia. Can you imagine the pain we have to go through? Haha.
We start from bottom 6 and try to make our way to top 3 (80% achieve rate). No choice. That’s how it is.
So those who are looking for a challenging war, join my alliance. Hahaha.


I believe PVP reset is local to your time at 11, but events start at 6 or 8PM for me

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Already said this before in a earlier post , a rotating start time could benefit All the Alliances. To be specific, we have 3 Wars in a season , all the 3 Wars can be held at different times , that way it can be easy for some Alliances and difficult for some other Alliances, however in the next War this situation change and in the end it’s fair for all the Alliances.

Being a War Commander and from Asia , I know how hard it is to stay awake past midnight for War Reset ( As always all the action happens at that Time ) , I have seen so many Top Alliances , always recruiting players with requirement - should be online at War Reset ( as it is very important ) but for players from some time zone the situation is very difficult.

Played other games as well , put a alarm for 4.30am and woke up just for my Alliance. But doing it repeatedly again and again is too much for us …
This game is played by players from all over the world, so a equilibrium needs to be maintained.


I understand this & also agree with you mate… But, I just mentioned that time cuz, its way better than to be awaken in midnight… You already know…Wake up early in the morning & sleep on time is good for health :sweat_smile:
Thats why I checked a lot & then, mentioned that time :slight_smile:

I’m not mentioning to change the timings to 360° , I want only that it should be favour Asian players too . The players from US , UK let them also bear the pain to awake till 12:30AM at night to play war . If it shifre 6-7 hours, it will be a great sight of relief


This topic has been brought up many times since war was released. They won’t change it as then they have to have multiple war schedules based on divvying up alliances by their location, then there is the trouble of selecting how alliances choose what war schedule to join not to mention then there will be people selecting a zone that isn’t actually what they are in to try and play the system to get an advantage. War is war sadly there will always be someone who wins and always be someone who loses, you can’t change one thing at the benefit of one without it being a detriment to the other.

Something being forgotten here is that a great number of people in the world don’t work during the day. Many people are shift workers that are up at night and sleep during the day. No matter what time anything starts, it’s good for many and bad for many. There are tons of factors that make timings work or not work for any number of reasons. That’s the time I get my kids from school. That’s the time I have a meeting everyday. That’s my class time. That’s my dinner time. Etc etc. And you can’t rotate times or split up times because all other events have to then be shifted that would start when war ends and there is an overall monthly schedule that has to flow. I live in the USA on the east coast. I work during the day. Sounds like I have the advantage right? Well it’s actually difficult to participate in war and bounty because when they start I’m busy for many hours in my afternoons. I’d like it if they started 7 hours later because that’s great for me. But I’m not gonna ask the developer to change everything because I need to make dinner.


Lol you care about your dinner then why we not care about our sleep hours.


Lol im not care about other events in game when i wake up i can push hard in those events but war yes war is the real pain if you are the part of top 10 war allience then its worst for you. You have to come online without excuses or be prepare for get kicked from alliance. Need just 6 min to capture half of map in starting for top alliences. Thats why top alliences requirement is “must be online at war reset”.
What you have to do is do something about that war reset time becouse 12:30am is lol midnight if you work hard in day you need the rest also.


My thoughts on war start/reset times. I’m located in the US Eastern Standard Time Zone and war starts at 3pm for us.

I definitely do no agree a rotating start/reset is feasible nor something we want.

I have 2 suggestions for war start/reset.

Option 1: for this upcoming war season, War 1 will start at 3pm (US EST). The war reset starts 1 hr later (4pm) and the 2nd reset starts 1 hr later again (5pm). War 2 starts 1 hr later (6pm) with each reset starting 1 hr later each (7pm & 8pm respectively). War 3 starts at 9pm and each reset at 10pm and 11pm. And keep going with the time push to the next season. Everyone around the world will have to opportunity to have a war start and/or reset at a preferred time sometime in the near future. I also realize this scenario above makes coordination somewhat of a nightmare to get everyone on at the same time if everyone is always wondering “what time is start/reset”. I know I would probably get confused.

So here’s another solution below.

Option 2: Again using my location as an example, US EST. This War season starts at 3pm. The next War season is pushed back 3hrs to 6pm US EST. And the next War season start is pushed back 3hrs (9pm), then 12am US EST, 3am US EST, so on and so forth. Again this gives all parts of the world the ability have a war start/reset at a time of day/night that makes everyone equal over time.

Lastly, I agree with Godlante, I would love to see the resets changed to 12hrs instead of 24hrs. It would make it much more exciting and bring new energy to War that has grown a bit stale and tiring. (And let’s remove the improvements for a season or 3 please! :grin::+1:).

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