Diminishing returns for stacked heals/shields

Agreed with the idea to have a FORFEIT button. Sometimes you know there’s no coming back and you want to squeeze one more game in before the PVP event finishes.


So the roles are in and it fixed absolutely nothing. So I guess my “no fix in sight” was pretty much right on. A couple hero’s got buffed but the same meta problem exists and PvP draft hasn’t fixed that problem.

Here you go again spouting that uninformed nonsense I was talking about. They are not “in”. They’re not finished and this just another small piece of the overall role changes. I’m as frustrated as anyone with pvp’s current state, but reasonable constructive criticism goes a lot further than mindless whining.

Not uninformed nonsense. It’s right there clear as day. The role changes hasn’t fixed the min/max problem and hasn’t done anything to the heal/revive issue. It’s cool though, I’ll wait for 5 or 6 more updates for it to hopefully balance out

I know its a dead thread, but I love how you said two cents.

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