Did you know we have a Fan Content Kit?



Did you know we have a Fan Content Kit?
Create your very own Hero Hunters Content!

Link to the Fan Kit:


Love this. Definitely really interested in the lore behind these characters too. All of them have so much personality put into their designs, you can tell they were developed with each of them having a story behind them.


@RequiemPrime If something like a fan wiki popped up, I’m sure we could dump what background information we have on the Heroes so far into there and help flesh out their stories a little more with members of the community :wink:


There is a sparsely populated wikia. It could really use a bit more help to input all the in game info.


Yay! And thanks @Gruff_McTuff for pointing that out. :grin::grin:

Beware the Ghillie Suit Ghost

@Rook Do you guys have plans on adding any other images to the kit? I’m working on the wiki posted above and would love to have the portrait images of campaign enemies!


Hey @Benched, there should be a folder of Enemies in the “Heroes” folder. Let me know if that’s what you mean or you want something else! :slight_smile:


Yes those could work, guess I missed them while looking! I’ll just change how I was going to set it up to make it easier.


I’m excited to see what you’re working on @Benched!


Why aren’t there any pictures of panzer?


Again, I’d love to see 3d models of the characters. They would be a blast to 3d print, and a lot of cool web content could be made.


I second this. Imagine the… research… that could be done with 3d modelling!

profusely sweating


i got some fun ideas i hope ill be able to put in with this kit. but for another day for sure.


I actually am halfway through making pris “ears” for my 6 year old. I wish I could find the jacket, but she squeals every time she sees me playing her. “Your playing me!”


I sound dumb, but I just realized Heckler wore shorts