Dev-astation 4!


@Howitzer @Huginn I loved this new format of devastation. The only improvement that can happen is to make queue size and approx. wait time available. Wait time could just be super basic taking average time per game in to account e.g. if typical match lasts 1 minute than 30 th person can know that his turn will be in 30 mins.


@Kraterios I forgot Ryker, somehow I always forget Ryker :sweat_smile:




@Papa_Marsh, congrats!

What I still not understand is the power difference between the same hero’s(razorback and Caine), it’s supposed to be the exact same right?:joy:


I was wondering that too! No clue why it happened


Quiero participar, me ayudas por favor :slight_smile:


I won vs Muninn but haven’t received my prizes :confused: is it still on process?


You should’ve got it in your mail by now, I got mine that evening. You might have to contact support or they may see your post.


I’ve checked my mail, but still no.
My friends already get the prizes yesterday, so i know something is wrong :confused:
Yes I already told Howitzer, but no reply yet.


And by mail, I assume you checked the mail box in the game right? Sometimes the notification on a new mail doesn’t show.
Check also your “Read” mails - maybe you accidently read it but forgot you did?

If you didn’t get your rewards I am certain that Hothead will sort it out for you. :slight_smile:


Already did that to, no prize mail in “Read”.
To double check, i checked my portrait collection, still nothing.
And i chat the support in game too.
Thanks, hope they’ll read this soon :slight_smile:


Also the reward message is titled thank you for contacting hothead support and it doesn’t show the portrait in the rewards but its in your available portraits once that message is delivered.


Are you mentioned in this?
(Found the pic on Discord)


My name’s not in there. No wonder i haven’t received the reward.
Good thing i screenshot :smiley:


Yup, looks like they missed you. Lol.
Here’s the screenshot from @Muninn 's side.
You guys fight at 27 minutes into the stream.
It’s odd, the whole time you were fighting Munnin, Bomb Bella was saying he was fighting “Maverick81” … sounds like there was a bit of confusion there.


We’re detectives!
Can you find my match against Omni in the stream? I can’t. I always figured we only get to see Hews screen but you can obviously see Muninns.


Lol :joy:
I dont think so, Muninn is the only dev that live streamed. If you fought anyone else than Muninn, then you wont be on there.


Oh I get it. It’s me being all confused. Truth to be told I was so nervous during the live stream it’s basically a blur.


Thank you so much for helping me guys :joy::joy::joy:
Hope the confusion will be sort out.

Btw, Poobgloob, Ulfpam, where did you find the video and winners list? And something about discord??


If you click on the Link in the original post of this thread, it will take you to Hero Hunters Twitch page. They have the entire stream posted on there. The picture that @ULFPAM posted was posted by @BombBella on the Hero Hunters Discord server.