December Events Schedule


Hey im fine with that. As long as I can push Halo and Ronin to 8 right now then stockpile the other 2 that helps. ULFPAM, you got time to build back up the bio frags. We still got like 2+ weeks before the first PG bounty.


Yes but yes but. I need that time to maximize my mech frags stock!
They will announce the new hero this coming Friday (official word). I should have saved my bio frags, can I have a refund oh lawd.


I try to keep a stock of 1000 of each at all times! Gotta be prepared for anything :stuck_out_tongue: 1500 universals ready to go though just in case.


ddaaaaamn !!!

i’m happy with a few hundreds :wink: Of course i’m trying to evolve heroes at more or less same stars. Especially monthly heroes.

been farming heronium to get monthly heroes up to 7-8 stars in the last month and a half. Which should help for all events. Only hero i refuse to work on at the moment is Francine… Unless someone shows me how to get something useful out of her