December 2018 Update Notes


I see absolutely no problem here. Pick the skin you like the best without suffering a loss of stats.


no, there is no problems (minor problems there’s a need to upgrade both skins, so there’s really no stats loss) but its just…silly


all double skins so far share the same stats.

Which, personnally i’m fine with. Actually, normally, a skin is just esthetic change. The fact that they boost stats in this game was really weird to me at first


Skins, do not create a stat loss. They are bonuses to current stats.


i didn’t expect the long disscussion about this skins.:sweat_smile:

Okay, unupgraded skins will get less bonus than fully upgraded skins

So, if you’re have both skins you might need to upgrade both of the skins to get same bonuses. that means you have to expend 250 skins token and little bucks. (bucks needed for skill and evolve too) otherwise, you might get less bonuses for 1 skin

i’m really fine if its like dogface which have the same stats boosts and the differences isn’t just color palette. How about once you’re buy the common skins you could to choose the color palette itself?

anyway, im just confirming is this really true or are there some miss


If I understand what you’re asking, you don’t need to upgrade both skins. You only need to upgrade the skin you choose to wear. You don’t have to upgrade the skin if you don’t want to. Upgrading boosts your stats while not upgrading leaves them unchanged. I agree that having multiple skins with the same stats is redundant and you should be able to change the skin without having to update the skins every time just because you change your colo scheme or what have you. Grades of skins is a different story. Legendary skins are different to rare and common because of the skill change and should have to be leveled again.


Spotted a couple mistakes here and there:

  1. Yanlong doesn’t use Tomahawk
  2. Heimlock doesn’t have sea mines

Not sure if there are other typos/errors, but I hope the stats are correct?


good day. Was offline mode disabled? I can no longer play all the stages i finished, and every time i finish downloading it, when i login again, the game tells me i have to download it again, including all hero profiles. Please reply


We’ll look into it. What device are you using and how much space do you have free?


The same thing happens to me, I download the data as always and when I play again without wifi or data, all files appear without being downloaded, I can not play in missions or anything, and I have a free space of 54 GB. My device is an S8.


I’m using a vivo phone, and I have 1.5 gb free space. Thank you for responding, may you fix it soon


I keep downloading the same content each time i go (on-off-on)


I’m doing the same thing, PvP, coop, maps and raids


I keep downloading everything each time I login to the game & I can’t play any missions because of that.
Please fix it soon


Same thing from a few of our members. I noticed more frequent downloads on my own side too


Bounty starts in 5 days , hope you will fix that before it starts


The new hero sucks completely. Low health and low armour. Its a waste of money. Whats the purpose of creating heroes that are put in a shelve after a month? The hero should be improved.


He’s good. Deals good damage and kills efficiently. Comparable with other glass cannons such as Clyde - but with added survivability skills. I like Kaishi.
What do you don’t like about him? That he’s not a top DPS with invisibility and never ending shields, who can kill anyone on headshots and revive any team mates who die automatic?


I See him more than Nightingale these days, now I know why


I see the mistake your opponent made, he needed an extra healer to keep his team alive, he should have used a Nightingale instead of Hardscope