Cut ronin’s attack boost by half. With 4 weaker heroes it’s almost impossible to win without kunoichi or panzer


That’s only if the guy is running a non-Flatline setup. Flatline’s skill will save him from death and there goes your one-shot skill that Panzer is useful for in the beginning. A Flatline and full healing team will see his Ronin wipe out your entire team before you take either Ronin or his support out.

So far the only Ronin teams I have beat and I think are beatable are those with incomplete healers to back him so I can beat Ronin teams by killing his supports faster than he kills my team or by out-damaging his reflect skill and to kill him.

Also giving a solution of using one specific character to handle another is the very definition of unbalanced. He isn’t decent. I’m very sure at this point you are a Ronin abuser yourself so you are speaking out of self-interest.

@PNASTY I believe what you just described is called nerfing.

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They changed ronin skills when they changed the shotgun physics and nerfed panzer. Therefore saying he’s always been this way is wrong.
If you change it to be like Wesson it should be energy heroes and not people’s guard. That way he is useful for bounties. For pvp it’s unbalanced. To say panzer 10 star 5 bar beats ronin 10 star 5 bar, requires you to have 10 star 5 bar. The fact is 10 star 5 bar ronin is put with weaker opponents and doesn’t fight 10 star 5 bar teams.


It’s unbelievable to me how often this topic is brought up and how much interest there seems to be in this, all without any response from the devs. You guys know what the win% is for teams that use Ronin. You know what the win% is for other teams. If you think his win% is consistent with other builds, tell everyone that that’s the case and that we’re calling for nerfs unfairly. If his win% is higher, nerf his ass.


I tried ronin over a month ago used with weak opponents and crushed some level 60 teams that didn’t stand a chance. I felt like a bully and i haven’t used him in pvp since. Being that I’m still not max level I remember all the people who tried to minimize their power for easy wins by having more stars then the other teams. Hint the biggest sandbags use lvl 30 10 star silver rarity heroes. I get more satisfaction beating people who try to play unfair and I get no satisfaction beating a team weaker than me. I’m not a ronin user in pvp cause he’s broken. Maybe not if he’s put in a balanced team but really how often is that?


I want ronin usable but not rewarding people for being bullies. Personally I want him weakened by using lower health heroes and bonus survival stats for using higher health. I want people to actually think about how to use him and who to use with him. Not just bonus damage. If not platinum skill only works with energy heroes but then people will only use mech heroes in pvp for a time. So then what if they flip it so that only higher health buff him. Then all those who’ve maxed him will find it difficult when they haven’t maxed anyone else. Dev’s have caused the issue cause nobody used him they wanted him used. Now that people have worked mainly if not only him they accomplished what they wanted to. No matter how you look at it from a business standpoint they caused demand to upgrade him. Now it’s how far back he gets nerfed. Yes it will happen just a matter of time.


We’ll never tell players that what they’re asking for is unfair or uncalled for. You’re entitled to your opinions and thoughts and feedback. We’ll only step in and tell you to reign it in if it’s getting disrespectful.

As I always say: trust. Trust that we look at the data and carefully weigh every single possible decision before we pull a trigger. There’s a reason for everything, and as I’ve said multiple times in the past, we can’t always share every single one of those with you.

I will say that we’re very aware of how players are responding to Ronin right now, and that we’ve collected all of your feedback. Unless there’s anything new that anyone would like to add, then understand that we’ve heard you. Thanks.


Probably many top players will cry if this happens, but my suggestion is to tweak his skill so that he is still good and not ideal for sandbagging.

Suggestion: Overall decrease his HP so that he is lower HP than similar stat mid/rear line hero.
For every mid/rear line hero with higher health than ronin, ronin and others get benefits. If players try to keep ronin too low the benefits will automatically will be too low so they will have to have him at closer stat to other mid/rear line hero to get proper benefit from him.


I like the idea for Honorbound to work on Energy heroes only as well, but for PVP he will still be OP because of Flatline.


My 10 star Ronin led team lost to a 10 star Steele led team. Should we all call for Steele to get nerfed? Like I said earlier in this post, the problem isn’t Ronin. The root cause of the problem is min-maxing. If the devs nerf Ronin, a new meta will prop up and we’ll be back to square one. Until the issue with min-maxing gets resolved, nothing will ever get resolved.


Just beaten this now :slight_smile:

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I’m in the camp of buff others not nerf what is perceived as having an unfair advantage. When it comes to pvp, you’ll win some; you’ll lose some. Try out combinations; observe what others beat you with. With my #1 pvp team (which I have to control from auto but is pretty well balanced) I lost to a ronin/Yeager team. Ok, time to move on. The thing is, I have those 2 and used them similarly. From that, guess what—I won some; I lost some. There are plenty of times that no matter what great combo of players you use, the matchup system will pair you against a foe that you have no chance of beating, even if both teams are fairly well balanced. Also, the AI moving your character instead of taking a kill shot or missing an entire round of shots or several consecutive rounds (if a round is 1 or 2 shots) is something we can’t do anything about, but that single occurrence can mean the difference between a win and a loss.


Exactly. I’m sure he won a few with that combo, but you can’t win them all. Good game.


I think, that those who have a wrong hand or who simply do not have Ronin complain about Ronin.:rofl:


the tactic that I discovered is that when Ronin uses his shield ability you have to ignore him and wait for his shield to expire. but also in doing that, he takes the trouble to kill a hero who is healing him or giving him protection.


There is definitely a problem with Ronin. Just because you have beat a Ronin team doesn’t change that. I have beat tons of Ronin teams using Panzer. Guess what though? Literally 85% of the teams I face in the 90k+ category are 4/5 bar plat, 10* Ronin supported by Flatiline/Mandrake/Caine and a fifth.

Most other competitive games will have a good balance of heroes or characters you can play and do well with. The best balanced ones will let you play all the characters competitively. Hero Hunters really only allows 10 or so heroes to be competitive at a time out of the 70+ available. That’s a problem and it gets really old having one meta team be the end all be all since it’s so much better than anything else. Meanwhile the other 65 heroes sit largely unused outside of PvP events and the developers let things go on like this for anywhere from a few months, to several.

The problem really arises in lower brackets though. The fact you can run a 5 bar, 10* Ronin with a bunch of golds or silvers and still win without much effort is a serious issues. His Honorbound needs to be re-worked. Not only does he give 200k hp to the other heroes on the team, he also boosts his own attack damage by 13k. The hp alone is nearly double what most 5-6* gold heroes have for hp. The bonus attack is roughly a 25% increase for him.

Then add to the fact min/maxers and sandbaggers still aren’t getting punished that bad (if at all), and the bonuses Ronin gives and gets more than make up for the small difference in power levels you have when running a 5 bar plat, 10* Ronin with a bunch of 5-6* golds.


It can be done. Much depends on Ronin’s team mates as well. But I have to agree that obviously there is a major issue when it comes to sandbagging and Ronin. Fix sandbagging and the Ronin issue will go away. Please do not Nerf. That is not the answer.


I don’t think Panzer is a great counter. Ive had loads more succes beating sandbag ronin teams using either Bolt or Heckler.

Bolt doesnt need abilities to do damage. He just does a stupid amount of damage on a headshot. If you can crit the faster reload and massive damage pretty much 2-3 shots a similiarly powered ronin.

Heckler just cuz he does not need abilities (arguably not worth the time anyways) and just solely focus on stunning the shut outta ronin with the gold. Kinda like how Mauler can ruin dogface/panzer, but without elemental weakness.


I have beaten several Ronin teams using my Panzer team. It depends on a lot of factors such as the map, how good the other player is, the team comp, and most importantly luck. If I can get Flatline down right away (with assistance from my team), I usually win. If Caine get’s the shields off on her it’s usually a loss. Here is a sample from the past two days:

image image image

(upload://8MhJUTXYoM0qyo7d3tEvRXR0Xo6.jpeg) ![image|690x318]
(upload://lA8zOeDEOvj9Uvl3uG83vEyvT7h.jpeg) ![image|690x318]

My biggest issues are the number of Ronin teams I face, and how matchmaking still doesn’t seem very balanced. I literally will face 80% or more Ronin teams. Not only that, sometimes I will face Ronin teams that are 8k points higher than myself. This is especially bad when paired with Briar since her power score is like Nightingale’s, and much lower than other comparable heroes. 10*, 4 plat bar Briar is only 16.5k~ power while most other heroes around that are 18-20k. So, not only am I facing a meta team that is better (hence everyone using it), I am also facing them with significant power advantages.

Apparently my Heimlock and Ifrit being 1 star and 2 bars lower is enough reason to punish me to the tune of 8k points when facing other teams.


Ronin sandbaggers are making the game extremely difficult/boring for individuals who struggle to build teams just to get slaughtered by a 10* PLAT Ronin with all low level heroes


It’s like every PVP is lead by persons (all within the 200+ range of leaderboards) includes PLATINUM Ronin with the month’s features heroes, its impossible to win because of sandbaggers and it will only make other follow suit, which is not helping the situation. I’m honestly getting fed u, 1 out of every 3 team are sandbagging making it extremely difficult to obtain PVP gems and even worse receive good rewards by ranking in tournament. I refuse to become a sandbagger so please do something with Ronin