Cut ronin’s attack boost by half. With 4 weaker heroes it’s almost impossible to win without kunoichi or panzer

You don’t find it broken bc you take advantage and sandbag with ronin yourself.

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Anyone who sandbags just plain sucks. They have to manipulate their power numbers for an easy win.

Ronin is designed for min/maxing, to trigger the HonourBound. Thats the idea of using Ronin. Whats the point if you bring Ronin and not mix/maxing it?
But I think Ronin plat lineup is not unbeatable.
I use Ronin plat lineup but I can lose… I use another one and I can beat Ronin plat lineup.

And even min/maxing Ronin + 4 healers, plus… my opponent much higher power, plus… 1 vs 5 is beatable

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I want to see ronin change so that you lose something for every lower health hero you use. I think he should lose 20% shield from riposte and 30% returned damage for every hero with lower health. That way if he can kill my flatline in less than 5 seconds i can still kill him. If you up damage you make them a glass house. Case and point kunoichi taking 30% more damage from a skill. Of course if you use people with higher health you should gain something maybe ronin gains health. Make people decide how they will use him don’t reward people for maxing only ronin and then throwing him with gold heroes and effectively bullying people who are generally lower leveled and power.

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One year ago Ronin was useless. Now he is op. Next year he might be useless again. Life goes on.

The reason he was useless was the ridiculous imbalance that were the mech DPS heroes. Ronin could have been twice as strong as he is now and it wouldn’t have mattered when Panzer erases him 5 seconds into the match.

I thought it was because everyone just jumped to meta teams and no one tested out ronin or his plat.

Hero Hunters has over 5 million downloads on the Play Store alone. How likely do you really think it is that nobody ever tried a common 3* hero. Before Panzer, Dogface dominated PvP. Matches took 30 seconds at most before the HP role warfare. No energy heroes had a chance, not to mention that once Panzer engulfed the meta, there was exactly 0% to win a match if you were dependent on an energy hero win condition.

I wasnt very descriptive when i said everyone jumped to meta teams. You have a good point, but of course i dont mean no one tested him, just not a noticeable amount of people. His silver skill was useless before the buff, and the mech dps meta of old times was just more reason to discourage people to use him.

Honestly i forgot the point im trying to push, but i think its that ronins platinum was always the same since then, so it COULD have been used, but the meta forces newer players to follow them to profit. But then i forgot how op panzer was back then.

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Wasn’t he supposed already nerfed? He keeps killing all heroes just with 1.5-2 clips.

Agreed, Wesson’s Plat boost is not even as much but still a lot more restrictive in who it applies to. Ronin’s should be similar. Either a more specialised bigger boost or a general but very minor boost. And the fact that it boosts BOTH his allies HP and his own Attack substantially is obviously unbalanced.

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A 10 star 4 bar Panzer still wipes a 10 star 5 bar Ronin off the map in one clip… Unless you’re gonna nerf Panzer again… You can’t nerf Ronin. Make other heroes better, don’t ruin decent heroes.

I agree on not nerfing Ronin but modify his Plat skill. Instead of Honobound working off “all allies”, why not just apply to People Guard heroes only. This would be somewhat similar to Wesson’s Plat that applies to UAF and UAF Airborne

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That’s only if the guy is running a non-Flatline setup. Flatline’s skill will save him from death and there goes your one-shot skill that Panzer is useful for in the beginning. A Flatline and full healing team will see his Ronin wipe out your entire team before you take either Ronin or his support out.

So far the only Ronin teams I have beat and I think are beatable are those with incomplete healers to back him so I can beat Ronin teams by killing his supports faster than he kills my team or by out-damaging his reflect skill and to kill him.

Also giving a solution of using one specific character to handle another is the very definition of unbalanced. He isn’t decent. I’m very sure at this point you are a Ronin abuser yourself so you are speaking out of self-interest.

@PNASTY I believe what you just described is called nerfing.

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They changed ronin skills when they changed the shotgun physics and nerfed panzer. Therefore saying he’s always been this way is wrong.
If you change it to be like Wesson it should be energy heroes and not people’s guard. That way he is useful for bounties. For pvp it’s unbalanced. To say panzer 10 star 5 bar beats ronin 10 star 5 bar, requires you to have 10 star 5 bar. The fact is 10 star 5 bar ronin is put with weaker opponents and doesn’t fight 10 star 5 bar teams.

It’s unbelievable to me how often this topic is brought up and how much interest there seems to be in this, all without any response from the devs. You guys know what the win% is for teams that use Ronin. You know what the win% is for other teams. If you think his win% is consistent with other builds, tell everyone that that’s the case and that we’re calling for nerfs unfairly. If his win% is higher, nerf his ass.

I tried ronin over a month ago used with weak opponents and crushed some level 60 teams that didn’t stand a chance. I felt like a bully and i haven’t used him in pvp since. Being that I’m still not max level I remember all the people who tried to minimize their power for easy wins by having more stars then the other teams. Hint the biggest sandbags use lvl 30 10 star silver rarity heroes. I get more satisfaction beating people who try to play unfair and I get no satisfaction beating a team weaker than me. I’m not a ronin user in pvp cause he’s broken. Maybe not if he’s put in a balanced team but really how often is that?


I want ronin usable but not rewarding people for being bullies. Personally I want him weakened by using lower health heroes and bonus survival stats for using higher health. I want people to actually think about how to use him and who to use with him. Not just bonus damage. If not platinum skill only works with energy heroes but then people will only use mech heroes in pvp for a time. So then what if they flip it so that only higher health buff him. Then all those who’ve maxed him will find it difficult when they haven’t maxed anyone else. Dev’s have caused the issue cause nobody used him they wanted him used. Now that people have worked mainly if not only him they accomplished what they wanted to. No matter how you look at it from a business standpoint they caused demand to upgrade him. Now it’s how far back he gets nerfed. Yes it will happen just a matter of time.

We’ll never tell players that what they’re asking for is unfair or uncalled for. You’re entitled to your opinions and thoughts and feedback. We’ll only step in and tell you to reign it in if it’s getting disrespectful.

As I always say: trust. Trust that we look at the data and carefully weigh every single possible decision before we pull a trigger. There’s a reason for everything, and as I’ve said multiple times in the past, we can’t always share every single one of those with you.

I will say that we’re very aware of how players are responding to Ronin right now, and that we’ve collected all of your feedback. Unless there’s anything new that anyone would like to add, then understand that we’ve heard you. Thanks.