CORE MK V Fragments

To promot hero to the platinum 5 strip required core mk v 157 fragments it is very rare to obtain.Also every hero required that fragments so it is highly recommended and also obtaining through only one campaign mission its very challenging and stamina consuming and required lots of stamina and days to obtain 157 fragments for one hero.Im not vip player so i spends 27 days for 157 fragments.

For one hero required 157 fragments (27 days) then for 73 heros(current)
73×157=11461 mk v fragments
now for 27 days for 157 fragments(for one hero) so 73×27=1971 days(5.4 year’s)
looks like its very critical job to promote every hero to platinum 5+

pls developers add more options to obtain that fragments easily.

which one best option for mk v fragments placement.

  • co-operative raid (special for this fragmets)
  • war reward
  • petrol crate
  • all of the above

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pls replay how many days you required to obtain 157 MK V fragmnets.


Could always add them in the alliance store. Took me almost 1 month to gather enough core 5 for my 5 th on heckler

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I actually like it this way. It takes 1. Determination n 2. A decision to show where your commitment R.

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Can you add gorgon rewards as option?


This topic should be on top…


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@DCmultiverse02. You must be somewhat new to this game. It’s gonna take forever to get that many MKV frags. Dedication & commitment are 2 Things I have to this game. The drop rates suck which makes it even more frustrating. When you have to spend countless amounts of stamina to even acquire a few of any MK frags. Maybe, since you have all the cash in the world to buy all that gold to acquire all the stamina it takes to fill the required amount of MK frags. You can float me a loan… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Give me your address and full name… let me western union you.
(Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
yeah I m new… only played 223 days. Can’t explain. Just feel good about this “hard to get” core MkV frag.
I just finished getting the 2nd set today. But haven’t decide who to apply to.
Sry if I get in the way of the petition.

Believe me… It’s a very long & tedious process. You’ll learn that as you’re around longer. Any help that the devs can offer to acquire them any faster would be much appreciated. Gauntlet, PVP, Alliance, Heronium stores or any way possible. Just wait until they roll out levels 95-100. Then, I’m sure you’ll see my point…

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I believe U. What u just said makes perfect sense. And appreciate your reply that makes me realize I m in fact a much casual player than I thought.
All good! :clap:t2::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: