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Let me make this point clear and I wish to address this concern. An issue concerning other’s ability to ask someone to stop has arisen. You have entered this post to view memes made by me and others. You have obligated yourself to look at memes of any quality. These aren’t made to make fun of others but to have a laugh. If you hate memes, well what brilliant idea brought you here? I did mention a warning at the start so if this reported on the basis of you said stopped making memes. I will simply show my case and warning to a dev. So yeah. You’ve been warned. This also not on a official category but community category as well. Have a nice day!


I regret nothing

Made by Terra


Made by Terra

Made by ULFPAM

Made by Terra

Any meme found offensive by a developer, or at least 3 people, will be taken down no matter what. Old adage of three after all. Memes found here can be made about the game or Discord chat. Anything else not relating to these two can be reviewed in the comments.


The last few updates been like



Every. Single. Time.



Whenever Mauler’s down and out he gets back to himself
He rolls a fat wrench back to himself
Leave it to Omni, HHG gon’ legalize but mauler ain’t believe ‘me
Til they finally did it