Community Clash - Winners Announced!

The results are in! We’ve made our selections! We’re excited to present the ten player-created teams that you will be facing in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator!

Hero sizes are not to scale :wink:

The order in which the winning teams are listed may not necessarily reflect their final order in the in-game event.

Vintermyst presents: Big Brother Boys!

Hivemind, Heimlock, Savage, Butter, Castellan

XUSMARINEX presents: Ladies of Hero Hunters!

Sapphyr, Siren, Phalanx, Halo, Keel

ULFPAM/Aueio presents: The One and The Four!

Clyde, Heckler, Galante, Yeager, Dogface

Spyro666 presents: Clone Wars!

Kobold, Heimlock, Halloway, Razorback, Ifrit

Razielo presents: Raz-zle Dazzle Fun Time!

Flatline, Mandrake, Kurtz, Caine, Ronin

CptLappo presents: Metalheads!

Savage, Halo, Siren, Caine, Matador

Bulatovio presents: Ninety Shots!

Panzer, Panzer, Panzer, Panzer, Panzer

Thalgar presents: Lost in Time!

Flatline (Heartbreaker), Dogface (Patriot), Matador (Mariachi), Ghoul (Trickster), Savage (Claus)

The_Riddler/Kitler presents: Gods of Galantis!

Galante, Galante, Galante, Galante, Galante

Last but not least: your Final Boss is…

NyrisWintersteel presents: Wesson’s Law Givers!

Gorgon, Colonel Wesson, Oracle, Baron (Star Marine), Panzer (Krieg)

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our Community Clash Contest. So many great teams and community members to choose from! We hope to continue to do more events like this in the future.

The event will be coming in a future update, as content is prepared far in advance. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when you’ll see it in-game!


Congrats to all the winners!!!

Congratulations to all winners for being great positive influences to the community!


Ah yes, the Quintuple Galante squad. We’re doomed.


Congrats for all winners…Nice teams

I for one welcome our new Overlord.


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Congrats to all the winners! Some of these teams will be hell to face!

Where can I get a full Pic of my babe keel?:cold_sweat:

Great imagination and congratulations to all the winners!! RECON1 salutes

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Are all of the heroes Plat?

Raz c kurtz and ronin should be for sure and fulll bars

Congratulations to the winners! :slight_smile:

There were some really interesting team line ups during the competition - the all-girl groups, for instance. Anyway, I’m just glad that Godlante team doesn’t have shielders or rezzers :sweat_smile:

5 duplicates is interesting teams? Meh… How about 5 Gorgons on final wave, lol?

Really good idea it’s only Lost in Time squad.

It’s not only about team composition; we want to recognize active community members and thank them for contributing to the forum!


You can find Hero pics in our fan kit, found here:

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