Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon


Well when you’re f2p it’s pointless because you only get one reset


it’s private
how r we meant to acess it ?


Alright, that’s a fair point. :slight_smile:


In a game with multiple uses for gold that is hard to acquire, a f2p can’t be expected to grind up a bunch to blow it all on one utility, it’s just not cost-effective. And honestly, most people probably buy only a few purchases at a time.

But to actually look at the science, it depends on how many resets a vip0 (f2p) can make. If it is 4-5 then perhaps you have a valid point, however, if it’s only 1, then by default it doesn’t work for f2p player, since they can only make a maximum of 2 purchases (2 purchases still gives a player less value than before, it needs to be at least 4 for it to actually be worth it). In short, f2p people have been given the short end of the stick in these updates, no bueno.

Because this game is f2p, no one should be forced to buy anything, regardless of my opinion or yours. These currency decisions only favor players who can accrue large amounts of gold quickly (i.e. with actual $)

Plus; It’s easy for a p2p to forget that we get benefits, making the game “more flexible” for us. f2p don’t have that luxury, which is why I’m not in the place to tell them how good things are in-game, cause I’m not in their boots.


The skill price is still increasing even thought it is mention it will be a flat price… Is it the same with y’all?


Toute ces prises de tête pour rien au final, c’est comme ça et pas autrement, libre à vous de vous retirez du jeu si vous n’êtes pas satisfait :hugs:


What game are you playing exactly? To get Yeager prior to bounty without spending gold, his co-op would have needed to be released yesterday. But his co-op isn’t being released for another two days. That means that trading every single day will get you the new hero on Monday - less than 24 hours before bounty ends. That’s just to unlock him, it doesn’t account for any rank/skill upgrades whatsoever.

Now, of course you’re welcome to reset your co-ops, making sure that you hit your cap of 8 frags/day every day (keep in mind that means you’re resetting more than 5 times, which is obviously not a small amount of gold). However, you’re still unlocking Yeager the day AFTER bounty starts. Again - this accounts for zero rank/skill upgrades.

Interestingly enough, your comment suggests that you “always have the hero before bounty leveled up”. I find this fascinating as it was categorically impossible to get Bucket in time for the first bounty without spending money.

Rewinding further to Jarek, it was again impossible to obtain him prior to bounty without either spending money on the Special Offer™ or splashing hundreds of gold on co-op resets.

This bit here is interesting too not only because it reveals that you’re coming from a place nowhere near the top level, but also since trading a level 70 co-op will now yield 6 frags instead of 10 (not sure exactly where you got the 8 figure from).

So maybe I’m missing something here (I don’t think so), but my question remains unanswered as to how you could possibly support this change.


I had bucket by the second bounty 5 star gold plus one. I should have clarified that, my mistake. And I don’t understand where you got the 6 figure from co-op trades from, because level 70 gives you 4 frags per run. 4 x 2 = 8. Level 85 gives you 5 per run. I’m only level 84, so I cannot run it. And the alliance I’m in is always top 200 if not top 150 in bounties. It’s just run differently by @The_Green_Goblin who might I add does a phenomenal job.


That makes a HUGE difference. The first bounty is now pay-to-play. THAT is the issue here. Nobody has ever had issues with the second bounty.

Scroll back up and look at the screenshot in the original post. Or just go to the upcoming co-op details in-game.

Hopefully you appreciate the irony of your misplaced condescension as much as I did.


Thanks @Gambit, we have a really good and helpful group. Relaxed but still slightly competitive.

Gambit may have a different opinion than all of us. Yes I also don’t agree with him. But we all are entitled to our opinions. That’s what this forum is for. He’s a good person so don’t beat up on him.


About time paying users are given some kind of advantage over F2P! :joy:
The VIP chat ain’t really doing it for me.

(read in a jokingly tone)


I did not notice the amount of reward frags changed. Looks like I need to get to level 85.

What irony? I did simple math to show that 4 times 2 is 8. I was confused how you got 6. Simple. No need to breathe down my neck about it.

As I said in my first post, this is my own interpretation and opinion. I’m fine if you think otherwise, by all means go right ahead. I just don’t see why your so negativity dogmatic about my mere opinion, that’s all. Just cause we differ in opinions doesn’t mean we need to intensely argue about it. That just makes the forums an egregious and miserable place.


These changes are horrible. I don’t know anyone who did more than a single cash for gold exchange, and the only reason they did one was because it was a daily quest that gave sta and xp the first time it was done each day. Now who in their right mind is going to spend 25 good for 10 sta, 85k cash, and some xp? It’s a horrible deal and is a blatant cash grab by the devs.

The only people benefitting from these changes are those that will do 3x resets on sta/gold/skill points a day. That’s hardly anyone, and not just because the price increased so much each time. To do a single reset of just those three is going to cost over 100 good a day. Rather than encourage people to do multiple resets, the devs just made it so most people won’t do any now.


What about free play pvp? Since the update; I still haven’t won any gold. Are there any changes in pvp?


There is still 16+% chance to get gold from the PVP crate.


This is starting to feel like a game I previously played where I was in one of the top 3 alliances. Eventually the gate to be competitive was smaller and smaller based on how much you could spend. I held on casually as long as I could and had to drop out. I assume this will be the same. Better start looking for another main mobile game.


Anybody who is still okay with these changes can enjoy playing alone within the next few months. HH has died and this update is their eulogy.

Everything is too expensive now. I just spent 25 gold to get 80k cash to upgrade ONE SKILL! I did it out of habit to complete the daily challenge, or else I would have NEVER done it. That’s almost ALL of the gold you get from completing your daily’s!

I’m giving the game one update to fix things or I’m 100% out. All the cash I’ve spent to get to VIP 9 has been wasted now, and I will not be reaching VIP 10. I refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of gold to get minimal use out of the rewards. Instead of playing for hours, multiple times a day, you’ve reduced me to a log on once a day, complete my challenges, then log off until tomorrow” kinda player.

Your community is in shambles over this update and you can’t keep defending this. It’s worse than you wanted us to believe, and now that it’s here, and we see it with our own eyes, we are wholeheartedly underwhelmed.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding this but I read the update to say that exchanging gold for cash would no longer have an increasing cost. My experience has been the opposite of that. In fact, not only is my exchange cost increasing with every conversion but the inflated cost is no longer resetting at the start of my new daily logins.


Pay to play is not the right term here. ANYONE could play the first bounty and do bounties. There were some gated by the new hero, sure. But when you just throw a blanket statement out like that you are spreading misinformation.
If it was PAY TO PLAY, you wouldn’t be able to participate at all without paying an entrance fee.


I agree, that’s just ridiculous