Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon


A couple of things. First, why are some people saying this change will kill off co-op trading? Based on the screenshot, it looks like the frags per level will be:

1x for Level 25+
1-2x for Level 35+
2x for Level 45+
2-3x for Level 55+
3x for Level 70+
3-4x for Level 85+

Even if you get the max 4 frags per try at level 85, you will need to do the raid a minimum of two times to max out. Realistically you will need to do it at least 3 times most days to max out though, if you don’t get the max 4x each try. I think this is an issue in and of itself. So, not only are our frags going from 12 per day (or more with resets) to 8 max, it will usually take 3 trades to hit that 8 max for the new hero. Of course this is just an educated guess since we don’t know the number of frags you get at levels 70 and 85. It might be a guaranteed 4 at 85.

I have to agree with others that changing the max to 10 at level 85 would be a much better direction. That’s still 2 less per day than you get now when you do a trade, but it’s the same as it was at level 70. You also get the bonus frags for other heroes. It seems like a good compromise.

The other issue I see is with the bucks exchange. It seems to be overshadowed by the hero frags. The problem wasn’t only with the increased gold cost per use, it was the high gold cost for the low amount of cash back even on the first use. You just don’t get much cash for 10 gold at level 85. 10 gold for 76k cash is terrible. That’s basically 10 gold to get 1.5 skills leveled up past level 70. At level 55 you get 52k gold… so in 30 levels it only increase 24k gold. Meanwhile a level 55 skill cost 32k gold to upgrade vs 62k gold at level 85. That means the increased cash you get from level 55 to 85 isn’t even enough to cover the increased cost of ONE skill point. The cash received just didn’t scale well at all.

The gold change was a step in the right direction, but I really think the chances of hitting 2x, 5x, and 10x needed to be increased, or the overall cash from each exchange needed to at lest be doubled or tripled. That way it would at least help people get an extra few skills paid for per day.


Ulfpam… The new changes are only helpful for that first bounty… But long term this a huge decrease in daily frags. I dont mind spending $30 on a new hero. So dropping the frag count and maxing it doesn’t help me one bit. Currently w out reset I can farm 360 frags a month from coop alone as opposed to 240. Losing 120 frags a month to appease people who don’t pay, doesn’t seem fair.


Hothead must have seen that 360 frags / month for free was too much and bad for their monetisation so I think 240 is still alright considering they could have decreased them to 40.


The fixed rate for currency exchanges is a HUGE improvement, that, in of itself, should offset the price of the changed co-op hero frag adjustment.

In pure theory, co-op frags for other heroes has a price. My greatest disappointment is that heroes are becoming less and less of an achievement to get, and more of a grind-n’-pay reward. Way back when the heroes weapon, name, faction, and backstory was done for the contest, at least this made the hero’s reveal suspenseful.

I guess I’m not a fan of the “business-ificafion” of the game, with less developer involvement directly with the community. But in reality, this is what happens when you make a game achievable on two paths: a free position and a paid position. Two camps of people, each with their own preferences, has a different opinion on hero frags. Like politics, it ain’t pretty, but it’s simply the way it is.

Either way, I trust the free-market to do judgment on any of HHGs decisions. If you don’t like it, you’re not obliged to buy anything. If you do, go ahead and stick around and maybe buy something.


Ulfpam… Sure… They could also give us 0 frags a month. The severity of how much worse it is… Doesn’t change the fact that it’s worse.


So since you guys are debating how the system works how about you actually see how it works first hand. Who knows, you might like it


I’m in favor of this upgrade. It’s hard to get a new piece of hero, but it’s easier to get another piece of hero. good job bro :smiley:


What is a fair base rate for gold —> cash (for example)? 40? 50? Until recently I never bought cash, still don’t buy skill points, and maybe once or twice bought stamina. But when I do get cash I never go above 20, so where they set the standard price will be key; I don’t think they id’d the price point yet. At what point did they receive feedback that x gold was too beaucoup?


Lol Faby…
Obligé de faire 20 caractères


Will the other frags be for the bounsed heroes? Or just any random hero in the game


I find it not very honest, 8 fragments per day are 56 in a week, so it is done specifically to not allow to be used the bonus hero in the first round of bounty!!!
if you want to use it in the first round you have to pay … yet another way to make fun of us !!! it’s all exactly like with Bucket !!!


There are usually more days than one week between the start of new co-op and the start of bounty.


I really hope you’re right, you and I are wrong …



So this is an issue.

Initially, the pay rate was 10, 20, 20, 40, 40 etc. Now with the flat rate, it seems to be 25, 25, 25, 25, etc.

In other words, gold is now starting at a higher initial rate, making it more expensive for f2p players. Unless you guys notice an uptick in bonuses (2x, 5x, and so on), then it’s a worse deal than before. It’s a bummer that they made this decision, wish HHG was smarter than that. :cry::rage:


Wait what??? They increased the initial purchase cost to 25?? That’s hilariously ridiculous :joy: Count me out of that one - forever. Looks like we have a new form of robbery to take the throne from the custom crate for the worst value in the game.


Do you want them to earn money? tell them to put offers on gold. I would gladly spend money for gold on offers.


I posted above about these changes and posed what a good starting point would be. Unfortunately no one responded. I think people were assuming they’d set the price point at 10 gold. I knew it would be more than 10; unfortunately I was correct. I mentioned that I just started to by cash; assuming buying cash is still a daily achievement, I’m thinking I’m not going to buy as often if at all.


So would i unjamon… Kind of my point. Don’t limit the frags and lower drop rate, just make us pay for it like w bucket.


Another example of this. Hero skill points are now a flat 20 gold. I would have to buy 3 purchases to get a better value.

(THEN —> 10+20+40=70) (Correct me if this is wrong).
(NOW —> 20+20+20=60)

Feels like a cash grab tbh


Your math is wrong tho. 20+20+20=60