Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon


There are things that I see positive but others do not seem clear to me. This limit coops per day delays players who do not invest in the game. I bought a bucket and although they say that this benefits the investor, it is not entirely true. Bucket is one of the worst heroes, it does not hurt in hunting, it does not work for pvp, little power and shielding in general a bad investment. If they want us to pay we feel satisfied, put heroes that do work for the bounty and the pvp. my bucket has 10 stars and four plates of platinum and low 11-13m that does not give me an advantage it was just a bad investment and it is not said in pvp it looked like paper with the ronin p5 that they use and that “justly matches” the game.


I had hard time understanding it before but now after reading it all it is just sad.

Limiting a player to earn 8 frags of new character from raids is bit blocky for me. I usually grind my new characters to 6* solely from trades but I won’t see that happening in future. I am F2P and this new system seem to support the idea which is absolutely opposite to what I liked about this game and invested so much energy and time into.

I don’t mind not having character for first bounty at all since I never spent gold on reset. But putting a limit on frags for Co-op raids means players will have to buy crates, which I can’t buy as freely. I can’t invest much of elemental frags because I haven’t accessed heronium store, since all my 8* and 9* were taken away from PvP and Gauntlet store after grinding them for months.

8 frag for 16 days means I can get character to halfway to 5* at end of raid event. This is way disappointing for me since it feels useless to invest in character which will be unfarmable for don’t-know-how-long and as per trend characters aren’t that useful after faction event is over.

And you had to do it for Watch - faction with characters like Artemis, Heckler and Oro - which I still haven’t unlocked after playing for 5 months. Just sad.

I am cut-throat brutal when it comes to bounty but with this constant shuffling of store and new raid limit just seems to dilute my competitive spirit. I only hope this isn’t a beginning where things go just worse for players.

Whatever it is or will be in future, it is still a game. It should be fun and we can adapt to changes only if it is fun and worth it. Give us something stable because I can only imagine what new players would feel like who are starting right now. Only silver lining could be in that character pool which is yet to be disclosed.


This is my first time posting, so I hope you realize how upsetting this is. I’m almost VIP9, but I won’t be spending money again once this goes into affect.

To get 8 frags on DAY ONE you will need to trade and both players will need to refresh once, and that’s IF you get 2 frags on level 35 and 3 frags on level 55. I don’t play this game to gamble like that, but if I did, I can say these are not odds I would bet on.

You’re going to kill off trading completely for many people, and that will affect your community as a whole. There won’t be ANY refreshing when you unlock level 85. We will trade and be at our daily limit and log off. Gold usage will be minimal, so gold purchases will be minimal as well. And I don’t believe you will have enough players spending $30 monthly to make up for the loss. At level 70, only ONE person will need to refresh, so people who know each other will trade back and forth between days on who will refresh, thus causing problems with trading in VIP and global, and stopping people from interacting with new faces.

I’ve seen this happen to some really good games in the past, but sadly, HH will be one of my favorites when I look back at “mobile games I quit playing because of terrible management decisions.”

I’m not against making it harder to get new heroes. I’ve always wondered why you gave your bread and butter out for free every month, but this isn’t the change we needed. I hope you see your errors before it spirals out of control.


So what would you suggest?
The “give bread and butter for free” model?
The “strictly pay to early unlock” model?
Or this new model presented here which is, as I see it, a nice compromise between the two states above?


Strictly pay to early to unlock means you only miss one bounty if u don’t want to pay. But for those of us who are willing to pay, why penalize us as well?


U realize this could mean long term frag drop changes right?


@Huginn @Muninn I have nothing against co-op frag limit. But why 8? Can you at least make it 10?


How are we payers penalized? We can still buy.


Bro, can you just work out how many days it will take to unlock 60 frags, assuming no resets. (Tip, no it is not 8 days 8 frags per day equals 64 frags). Actually work it out my friend.

Then work out the cost to get 8 frags per day since day 1, up to 60 frags.


If they start the co-op raid day after he’s released (probably Wednesday next week) it’s 10 days of raiding to gather frags before bounty starts.


I think what might be suggested here for payers being penalized is that it’s usually cheaper to pay via resets than to pay $30 for a hero.

If my math is correct, if you reset without doing any trades, it will cost you 1400 gold which can be done in one days time; whereas $30, which was the going rate for Bucket, equates to roughly 2000 gold. With the new system even payers who are trying to get the new hero on the cheap can’t do it and will have to just wait.

I don’t exactly hate the new proposed system but I don’t get the 8 frag limit. Why not 12 so we can trade like others have suggested?


If you guys all read this, the reason for this change is to address the idea that Bucket clogged up the hero specific bounties which is really the key issue. If that means they make the hero barely available before bounty or during it, but weaker I’m fine with that. I believe the goal here is to give paying players the event hero early to get them to 8-10 stars plat while others who unlock the hero naturally wont have much time to upgrade them. Sure that hero doesnt get the bonus it normally gets if you dont plan, but at least it allows you to attack hero specific bounties and imo, thats the more major issue with all this.

The other solution in my mind is the limit the max amount of event hero specific bounties that can drop to 5 at once so it doesnt clog it entirely. Last bounty I didnt unlock Bucket early (i pay for things, but 30 bucks for one hero thats untested is not how I like to spend it) and had very few options about half way through bounty to even attack anyone. Ultimately my numbers suffered. If my numbers suffered a little, but less overall because I didnt have the event hero at max I would accept that.

Remember, the devs HAVE to find a way to make money to keep releasing content. Once you hit a certain point in this game, you can play without spending money and still stay relevant. Most feel thats fair since youve put your money in, but if they cant find some people who will still pay to unlock things the content starts to roll in less and less and the game dies. They need to find a balance. I can tell they are trying here. People need to stop complaining about the change before its even in game when they are clearly trying to fix an issue we all see. Wait on pitchforks until after we see what they implement.


That’s a fair criticism.
However we don’t know if they’re gonna increase cost for resetting raids. Or make heroes cheaper than 30 dollars. God knows they might even throw some gear and / or bucks along with our hero purchase.


And exactly what was wrong with the way it was before bucket came out. Ya came out with bucket to have to spend to get her for the first bounty so you could release this as a better system but still have spend or use up gold to get the new hero for the first bounty. Basically taking the straight up grinders who don’t spend or use their gold for minimal frags out of the picture to have the new hero for the first bounty. It is what it is And I’m sure won’t be charged again in the near future just seems sad this is the way you guys are doing stuff now to get more money from what it seems.


hey guys, semi-serious idea here.
what if, alongside the daily hero fragments that we usually get
why not also put an identical amount of the new Hero

so like right now if you get cinder after the daily quests, and if a new hero was a clyde clone, you’d also get a few fragments of him


this would be good for the people who have a hard time, but when do you think it will be?


I have to agree with Papa_Marsh on this. I like whats being done with the currency, but the frag limit on the new hero is a huge downfall. If you do this, either set the limit of frags to be at least the same as trading the hardest level. Also, if I feel the alternative frags should be from the featured faction.


Also, while everyone is busy considering the implications of the new hero frags limit per day, they fail to understand the benefits of obtaining random frags once that limit is reached. :slight_smile:


What? Stop all presses! A company, building new software content, TRYING TO MAKE


Sounds outrageous dude. I thought they were like any other company, just making digital toys for adult men which are of course expected to be free.


How about this, instead of freaking out and bashing a feature BEFORE YOU SEE IT IN GAME, you just give it a try. Then you can give the proper feedback to improve the system instead of it’s pre-release.