Castellan's nationality (NEW POLL) (In the comments)

  1. the mafia is not just in Italy, there is even worse in the world
  2. it is inexplicably Spanish because it says “hola” when you use it


Wait hold up. You voiced Clyde? The hero with my absolute most favorite voice lines?!


That was me! I had to swallow a tiny computer to get my voice to do that. I’ve done a few voices. Hothead is full of multi-talented people!


Lemme just say that Clyde has the best voicelines in the whole game. You freakin nailed that dude


Scarface is about a Cuban guy.


Sorry, I meant based on Al Capone, not about Al Capone.


So I imagine Castellan is Italian or Polish. One of the two


So, just to get a final verdict then:

What do you think is Castellan’s ethnic background?

  • Italian :it:
  • Polish :poland:
  • Spanish :es:
  • Swedish :sweden:
  • Norwegian :norway:
  • Danish :denmark:

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So lemme get this straight:
YOU, @Muninn, voiced Clyde? Like legit the robotic voice that almost everybody thought that it was a computer that did it?


It could be that they recorded his voice and then added effects to it afterwards but I am not sure, maybe Muninn is a proper roboto.


That could work
Speaking a specific line then adding effects to it can work though Munnin as a legit roboto is dope


Vocal effects over a human voice? Psh. I’m committed to my work. I got the surgery. They made me better than I was before. Better. Stronger. Faster.

Seriously, though: best sound team I’ve ever worked with in the industry.


Judging by his name & accent, he’s Spanish.