Bounty Update - Nov 16th, 2021


2 mil isn’t anything new for those 2 alliances. Trying to figure out how to add screenshots. Lol

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They often do a lot in bounty so I am not sure what your deal is. If they didn’t do it other a high power alliances would. Those top bounty alliances are mostly highest power alliances in the game so what else would you expect?

now i want to see if you guys will repay what most lost in prizes in the last hunt on this one now. many alliances reached the 500,000 milestone but lost awards. not all players have time to reach the 2,000,000 milestone.


sorry my friend…I’ve been playing for a long time…and I never saw them make 2,000,000…they did enough to get first place

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No worries, I know they both hit over 4 mil on the same bounty. I got a couple screenshots from the ridiculous scores on my old iPad. Back in the day of NBED (right after 251 and 125x) they were over 3 mil and that was because OWN broke the record. It’s crazy what some of the teams put up for numbers… congrats to anyone that puts up those kind of numbers

Randy55 is correct. Both OWN and VRIJ went over 4M one time and if I recall, OWN took the belt. When OWN wants something, they just take it and nothing can stop them.

Yup in august own made 4.4m and vrij around 3.9m but it was shoremen :slight_smile:

Listening??? Lmao that’s odd