Best Healers in the Game

wondering what are the best healers in the game. I’ve head Duran, Fran, Keel etc. but I was wondering what u guys think and the best teams that they can fit in. appreciate all the responses!

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If only Duran, Matador & Keel made a child… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Group heal FTW! :sunglasses:

Duran and the keel are the best healers in the game

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Best healers means only healing or making some additional buffs too?

Kobold is also good, shields the team and restores all allies health. Heimlock has decent healing, but I wouldn’t use him cuz he does literally no damage :joy: I’m not sure how Caine performs now, he was nerfed recently


Well just what you said, these are most of the best healers, ofcourse it depends on your team, keel for example is even more powerfull with cover breakers and flatline more with squishy heroes

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I dont agree, if you have francoise he has probably the best shotgun to do it with

I like keel. She puts out a good amount of health and she is pretty strong when she attacks. Just sucks that she doesnt heal herself while shes doing it.
I use kobold too…he heals and shields and can take damage but he just doesnt do enough damage to others.
Duran is great too. If you play as him and continue to heal, the rest of the team will do the fighting.
Keel is my go to though. Pair her with mandrake and phylax and it’s a pretty strong squad

Personal favorite is matador paired with nightingale with her legendary, lots of team wide heals but with matadors massive burst heal if your team is a bit low on health.

well… he was asking for good healers other than Keel and Duran and Fran lol

Well, as said it depends on what team you use, every healer can be good you just gotta find the right situation, for example nightningale might suck but she is great to have with mandrake as she applies extra healing to them when they don’t get damaged

Keel is probably one of the top, if not the top healer right now. Heals anytime cover is broker along with near full heals very quickly with the armor boost makes her exceptional. Fran and Flatline are also top tier.

I would say Duran, Ciane, and Heimlock (last two are still up in the air since they were recently nerfed quite a bit) are decent second string heal/support. Duran heals a ton, but they are slow and he has no other real utility or damage.

Matador and Nightingale are decent enough on teams built around them. Matador is especially good on a Mariana/Halo team since he is great at breaking cover for her.

The rest of the healers are pretty poor (Moss, Briar, Ifrit).

Keel works on pretty much any time, but is especially good with Matador, Marinas, and Halo since a lot of cover is broke and it gives a lot of healing. Add in another cover breaker or Mandrake and it’s a very powerful team. .

Really though, the tier 1 and two healers work on pretty much any team with a strong DPS. 4-Cep is good with Phalanx, Flatline, Heimlock, and Keel. Kurtz is also good on this team. You can switch out Heimlock for Duran or Caine if you want.

Both man. If they can heal and give healing buffs, go for it

Not a fan of kobold cause when played by AI the shields always get cancelled cause of her healing power. Kinda annoying

Yeh exactly. What teams do u guys use?