August Hero Balance Patch


Nerf all the damn healers. I know people will bitch and complain about it but those are the same people that will constantly bring a heal/rev team to every PvP match


Why nerf the healers instead of giving us more options to deal with them if they are that troublesome? Why are people always looking for the easiest way out?
Why not add heal-block to Oro and let him shake the meta up? That’s just one example that would be far more fun than to see a massive nerfblade sweep thorough the entire game.

What’s the purpose of a healer if they aren’t allowed to… heal? Why not just remove their healing abilities and give them sick cool DPS so everyone can shoot each other dead in 5 seconds? Or I know, let’s remove the actual moment of playing PVP and just have your team matched against another team: if you have better power and DPS you just win? Sometimes I think it’s just that kind of game many people on here are looking for.

I know the consensus on this forum is that the August update sucked. Personally I don’t agree - I think PVP has been awesome lately, I’ve playing far more PVP than I use to and ranked better. The PVP game went from a 4 to a 7 on my interesting scale - it actually feels like playing a proper GAME. What bothers me is that I don’t see these opinions anywhere else. Not on Facebook, not in Reddit, not in the game-chats. I don’t hang out on Discord so I can’t say much about what happens there.

HHG said the heal + health focused rebalance was the first step in a long run to implement rebalances and emphasise roles. Now it’s been implemented for a good 2 weeks or more, and you all survived this long - I bet you’ll make it till the next rebalance hits. Maybe it’s a DPS rebalance that will fix all the problems you’re pointing at? :slight_smile: The fact that the first Roles Warfare update had an IMPACT to say the least indicates that they’re serious about this project.


Hopefully they can pull it off, it’s just been a really rough last few months. First with Panzer dominating PVP, now Ifrit with the heal/revive teams.

They really should have waited to do the patches together as one, rather than split the health and damage rebalancing. Right now we are left with really strong healers and only a small group (2 or 3) DPS that can even make a dent in enemy teams.

It would be like moving into a new, bigger house but only having the frame up for a few months.


Previously, when Flatline first came out the threat was one dimension, than follow by panzer which was largely still one dimension. With Ifrit now in the picture, all 3 of them comes together becomes a 3 dimension threat. Coupled with the healers it’s a full court press … without running the meta it’s hard pressed, than the min max of OP DF or panzer it’s become a mess.