August Hero Balance Patch


No worries. I took it further than I should and make my answer in a jokingly manner (but at usual my lack of emojis make my posts appear more serious than they are). So I am the one who should apologize for misinterprenting your post. :slight_smile:

There’ll always be a meta defining / best team and I see lots of Platinum Ifrit and Flatline even at power level 50.000 or even 40.000 but this is in all seriousness: I didn’t think this team was a problem any longer since they fixed Ifrit last week. I beat them more often than they beat me which is an OK ratio.
I have also started a diagram to monitor my PVP matches length and the majority of them are still ~1 minute. I can post the full thing when I’ve done 1000 PVP matches.
Sometimess I think I’m not playing the same game as you. :slight_smile: Because we have so different issues. My main issues are still Mandrak and Keel. And Platinum Halos.


I love to see Keel Mandrake and Halo on the opponents side… makes it a lot easier… My game average roughly 2m 20 sec at the moment… But I meet very seldom bots this event, because they go down in 40sec to a minute normally. It’s like I want to celebrate every time I meet a bot now :rofl:.

I have played more than 200 matches this event so far, lost 4 times, so I win 98% of the times, I’m not complaining because that I’m not winning, I’m just not happy that most of these matches take over 2 min and is all about heal/support/revive… Not shoot to kill before you are killed as before.


What does the “editor” title mean? Are you employed by HHG?

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Haha, no I am not. What kind of tin-foil-hattery is this?
I was accused for working for Capcom as well when I played Puzzle Fighter.

But why not? @Muninn; do you have an opening for me at HHG? I’ll do anything as long as I’m getting gold and bucks.


The secret is out Marcus @ULFPAM


@Kraterios, you are Editors too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm, I need to be careful :thinking:


Good to know. So there’s no conflict of interests. It’s just that your recent posts and comments sound so propagandish. You even have a “positivity post” that denies everything that is currently wrong in this June-Aug update, and accusing people of not loving the game for pointing out discrepancies. Haha


I don’t deny anyones experiences. I just feel like balancing the vibe since the tone on here is almost profoundly dark - it’s almost as people are triggering each other into being more dramatic about the changes than the should be. And since I don’t share that view I rather stay positive than to keep quiet.



3 skills that when combined give over 250k additional health and bolster shot boosts healing received so nightingale team heal and flatline stay with me and ifrit bronze become OP


Please no more heimlock nerfs, besides his booster shot he’s a wacky healer, I mean 70k health, is less then a magazine from odachi, panzer, Hardscope, dogface, Clyde, etc


Totally agree, totally. Heimlock is good - he’s hardly OP if OP still means “over powered”.


Teach me how to deal with those two fucker when both flatline and ifrit were appear at the same time
Oh I forgot the panzer by the way


I usually go for Ifrit first and Flatline second. They’re both kinda weak and easy to kill. Focus your strongest hero of opposite color at them. I have two screenshots from yesterday’s PVP run where you can see which team I used if interested?


It works well as long as long as the opponent doesn´t start to run with Flatline. Or if he doesnt have Panzer, so you have to look out for your own energy heroes.

I usually attack Flatline with Dogface and then mark Irfit with Nightingale. This works quite good, but there are many situations in which it doesn´t work out. It is all gone after Irfit gets tu use his silver the first time. Afterwards you cant hit for shit for half of the rest of the match.


To all the people complaining they invested money in Panzer and Ifrit and then they got nerfed after… they are still REALLY powerful characters. In fact both are in the top teams as of right now. You still get easy wins with these characters, it’s just not a guarantee like it was pre-nerf. Not sure what else you want besides those free wins back?

Pic for proof, currently top three teams all have exact same make up with Ifrit and Panzer being in both


you can’t say Ifrit is in the top teams when Ifrit is the highest morlock on the event for points…


Obviously that helps, but he would mostly likely still be there even without the bonus. Panzer and Flatline are both there and they get NO bonus this event. Ghoul who gets 10x points is on ONE team in the 10 right now.

Most the other Morlock heroes with bonuses aren’t even in the top 10 save Heimlock who pairs well with the Ifrit/Flatline/Panzer combo.


The August update is a horrible mess. They completely screwed up the balance between teams and failed in many other aspects. The patch didn’t do much, if anything at all, to help. PvP is a horrible mess and a complete waste of time now. Took well enough and screwed it all up