August Hero Balance Patch


Before I played HH, I played many games which want to earn as much money as possible and neglect most players’ will.
HH made a balance environment for developer, VIP0 players and VIP>10 players.
I’m just a VIP 7 player but love to play this game and spent hours per day.

However the climate changed since July. Just like other money making developers, they just don’t care and/or test about the Over-Powered heroes before release and attract players to spend on it.
After they got an adequate amount of income (more OP, more money) they just nerf the hero and release another OP hero next month.

I don’t think it’s wrong by business, but if you want to run a game for longer term ( >3 years?), it should have a better balance before update, and players know that they spent their money with a proper return for longer period (3-6 months?)
If I want to play without cost, I can play harder to earn the resources.
If I want to have advantage for a few months, I can paid for it.
If I want to be on top of all players, I can keep on spending.
But this scenario will not happen if you nerf a new hero within 1 week and you will push the players to try another game.

Furthermore, I don’t think it is necessary to nerf another 3 heroes. Ifrit is the key element to get the chemical reaction. Just nerf it then the problem will be solved.

Hope HH got a better future.


Hello, 1st of all congratulations for an overall great game, for me the best in the genre!

I have noticed a few annoying bugs though recently:

  1. Pvp is often bugged, what motivated me to write was one I’ve just finished with a very strange defeat: I had cinder, ryker & hardscope with more than half juice remaining against an almost dead razorback: when I fired ryker’s grenade to finish it off what happened? All my heroes dead, I Literally defeated myself!!! Is this acceptable?.. Certainly not hothead.

I also see pvp challenges with another bug mentioned by another user: character’s that appear often as a “?” sign.

  1. Server as been more often down than previously, yesterday I’ve lost a lot of rewards because of that and they weren’t compensated afterwards.

I’ve been also almost 2 complete days in a row without being able to chat with anyone which is not acceptable also, is it?

  1. Like others I would like a more balanced game in pvp regarding character’s power’s , since a lot of them are practically useless when compared with the most commonly used (like panzer or dogface for example), so it’s a desappointing experience to upgrade them just to see them fail miserably.

I hope my critics are regarded as constructive - since like I said I am a huge fan - and off course, they are addressed as soon as possible in your next patch.

Thank for your attention!



I’m kinda glad now that I haven’t unlocked Nightingale’s skin. I won’t miss something I never had. I’ll just continue collecting nanodust for a safer and useful purchase…


So I played a bit of PvP and want to give my feedback to the made adjustments.

Irfit: Still to strong in my opinion. He still stands out from all other PvP heroes. Most of it comes from is Silver skill. With all the 4! effects it has, it is like a 50% damage debuff for the opponents heroes. You can´t get clear hits, because of disorientation. You take forever to change covers, so you have to decide, if you want to die or not do damage for the next 3 seconds. And all opponent Heroes get more HP; so the damage done is mostly negated, too. On top of that, all opponents get a damage boost, to make it even more easy to kill all the heroes not in cover or slwoly changing it.
His Gold is not that much better. Giving him up to 100k bonus HP, so he buys more then enough time to revive all his mates.
His Platinum makes you kill the whole opponent team twice, which, with the health ugrades is next to impossible.
On top of that, his Bronze is one of the strongest heals and the strongest instant heal, which isn´t even wasted, because it just continues to the next hero.

So while most top tier heroes have two very strong and two medicore, or three strong skills, Irfit still has four very strong skills. His only weakness is his low HP. But without any decent Energy damage dealer and a good support cast on his side (Nightingale, Flatline, Caine) it is nearly impossible to get him down.

Panzer: Good adjustment. She still has her damage left, so you have to look out for your heroes, but you have a chance to save them. Before most of the covers were gone after her first reload, so you had no place to hide.

Heimlock: Never felt his Chem Bath to strong, but doesn´t feel to weak either now.

Nightingale: Her Skin now does only have of the heal, of her normal one, It feels pretty useless now in my Team, but playing against other teams with her, she was pretty annoying, so it could be that my team is just not making the best of her skin. So I can´t really decide if it was to much.


That’s razorback’s skill. You shouldn’t have fired that grenade and waited for the shield to expire. If you let the shield expire and not deplete it by damage, it will deal no damage. Razor is the inverse Fortress. Razor you want to leave alone until his shield expires, fortress you want to interrupt immediately so damage doesn’t build up.


So many people got “scammed” with the cash grabs + nerf cycles. Maybe HHG should really start having public test servers since they can’t properly test stuff themselves.

PS. On a side note, what protection do consumers get from these cash grab practices? HHG needs to be more careful about their releases. That’s part of customer service.


I promise you that HHG doesn’t stray from their terms and agreements when releasing a character thet they need to change. If you make the choice to invest in new content please know on what terms you are making your purchase.


Hi Hothead

Have you seriously buffed the Healers again the last 12 hours or so??? After the patch I played 150 matches where none lasted the full 3 min… max a little more than 2 min… I have today played 26 matches where 5 have gone the full 3 min, it seems the healers are again overhealing as it was just after the August update.

With the number of matches played it doesn’t seem like a coincidence, but another change…

I’m very concerned as it seem to be the consensus from the players including me that the endless games of healing was the worst…


That’s what I’m saying, as long as guys keep buying the newly offered heroes and maxing them with $$$ HHG will keep exploiting… it’s just good business…


The latest update was supposed to stop bouncing hero’s continuously, Failed!!! Healing was supposed to get nerfed to make balancing a little more fair, Failed!!! Hero’s getting bounced and 15-20 second gaps between reloads is a joke. PvP is a hot mess right now and not fun to play at all. Just kept a record 4 wins, 36 losses no matter what combo I put together. I have a level 70 team, plat and gold 3-4 bar hero’s and it doesn’t matter what I do or what combo I put out, they continuously heal and revive so there is no chance of winning.


This logic of the healers and a lot of time in pvp all hate it, go back to the old pvp which was fast and powerful. Now it’s just getting healers and reviving, everyone hates it and they’re starting to abandon the game …


Everyone does not hate it. What a odd thing to say. I for instance like it.


It’s terrible and you’re honestly the only person I’ve heard that likes it… but I still love you, man. /hug


@ULFPAM Then I guess you don’t play PvP in 60k+ matches and get them never-ending heal/revive?


Hi, I guess you are right: my bad on that one, I didn’t understand what that skill was all about before. So thanks.

By the way, I experienced a new bug today and this 1 should be unexplainable:

I was 1one1 in pvp and we were both down to a last hero, but there was one unknown dead character who kept firing to the end in an invisible state, and no, it wasn’t one of the characters with that ability, I doubled checked and all 4 appeared as dead on top, so off course that was an unfortunate “tie breaker”…


@nailfox, not need to fight in 60k bracket to experience unending revive.


The heal and revive problem is mainly because of Irfit and not because of the health and healing update.

I like the update too, but I agree that it can get annoying. But they aren’t ready with the changes so let’s see what’s up next.


No, you will probably find some platinum Ifrits lower power as well, but at higher power you meet them very often.

Partly agree, Ifrit causing this the most, but it’s the combination of higher health, Ifrit, and higher/faster healing which makes it a mess. Just adding Ifrit with his now limitation just reviving a hero once and not adding the Role Warefare: Health & Healing, then the endless matches would never happen.


Oh, shit man you’re right! My best team is only 53.000. How embarrassing of me trying to state an (different than yours) opinion on here. But to my defense I couldn’t see the required team-power before I submitted my post. Friendly reminder to make more clear rules next time you’re not gonna accept someone’s right to post a reply to someone elses comment.


Sorry @ULFPAM if you interpreted my message like that. I was just trying to say it gets worse and worse the higher power you go. 3 of 4 teams I meet have that lineup in some kind of variance…

That is Ifrit/Flatline/Heimlock… and then one DPS killer and maybe Mandrake/Caine as the 5th hero.